Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Talking Pizza with Johnny and the Limelites!

PS: Eat pizza recently? Tell us about it.
Chicago Pizza. They deliver until 5AM. We ordered there after this other place we tried to order from couldn't make the pizza because they RAN OUT OF CHEESE!!! That's how much we love pizza in Chicago!

PS: So, what’s your favorite pizza shop in Chicago?
For the cheap, quick, and good: Bacci's a sweet jam. For deep dish, Lou Malnati's is as good as it gets. Pequod's is also very good, and so is D'Agostino's. PIzza Metro has Sicilian slices and those are pretty good when you're in the mood. Giordano's, Gino's East....you could eat at a different pizza place every day of the year here!

PS: Any favorites in other cities?
Great question. Loui's in Detroit. Classic Slice in Milwaukee. Farotto's in St. Louis. East Side Pies in Austin. Bimbo's in Kalamazoo. Domino's in West Lafayette.

PS: What style of crust are you in to?
Another great question. The Detroit crust is semi-thick Sicilian style with burnt cheese all over it. Mwah! Also, the St. Louis crust is cracker thin, covered in provel cheese. You can eat a ton of it and still be able to party down. Real cities have their own styles of crust. As an American, it's something to feel good about.

PS: Chicago style is so famous. What do you like most about it?
You eat 1-2 slices, and you know that you have just eaten some peetz, no question about it. Also, since it fills you up so quickly, a large deep dish can be your meal for the next 2 days. It's the best tasting pizza coming out of your fridge the next day.

PS: Who serves the worst pizza that you know of?
Pizzeria Uno, in those rest stops along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It's embarrassing how low the Pizzeria Uno brand has sunk, since it's based in Chicago and all. But the worst pizza's better than the best broccoli. Let's get some perspective here.
PS: What do you think about the relationship between pizza, and partying?
Excellent question. You know you've had a wild party when you wake up the next day, and that pizza you ordered is spinning on your turntable. You know the party's in full swing when you got a slice in one hand, something to drink in the other, and Little Richard playing out the stereo.

PS: Toppings?
Oh yeah. Even anchovies.

PS: We’ve got friends that eat pizza like weirdos. They cut off most of the cheese first or pick off peps that are too well done. I hate that shit! Are any of your friends freaky pizza-eaters?
Our friend Mac Blackout makes pizza sandwiches. He cooks up 2 frozen pizzas, then stacks them on top of each other. He also invented a PIzza Castle. That's when you cook a Digiorno, a Tombstone, a Jack's, a Tony's, a Home Run Inn, a Totino's Party Pizza, pizza bagel bites, and then stick a bunch of pizza rolls all over it, vertically.

Thanks for the slice Johnny and the Limelites.
Stay tuned for interviews with Gattos Pizza, Adriatico's Pizza, and The Pizzas if they ever get back to us.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Day Partying

Hype: None really. It was snowing and kinda slick outside. We had nothing to do except not drive and watch football all day long. We tried Gattos but they don't open until later. Man that would have been good. We decided to order a large pie and a sub each to get us through the cold.

Scene: This place fucking sucks. It is really chainy and bright. I don't know how so many not-high looking people could all be working in a pizza shop. It is so weird in there.
Crust- We ordered the Garlic and Herb crust because it is tolerable. It was. Good spice rub, but still; nothing to get excited over.
Sauce- I can barely remember.
Cheese- Actually, this is pretty good. I think they use real cheese. You can taste the difference. Plenty of it too.
Peps- Not awful. Somewhat flavorful

Overall- If you live in range of Hungry Howies you should only get it if Gattos is not open. There is no comparison. 2-5. We had a really good time eating it and we were also really hungry, but this still couldn't elavate the pizza experience.

**Note: We also ate subs. Once again Howies does not come close to Gattos. In fact, Gattos has one of the best Italian or Meatball subs in Columbus.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Portofinos Pizza [1600 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus, OH 43224 (614) 262-2662]

Hype: We've had this one before. It is great for parties, Buckeye games, and the like. We were hungry after watching some football so we decided to slay a 30 inch pie. Look at the size of that thing!!!!!!!!

Scene: It's on the other side of 71 on Oakland park near cleveland. Not my hood. The guy behind the counter had a Juggalo tattoo. nuf said. No tables.

The Pie:
Crust- Chewy outer handles, crisped well. Foldable inner slices. Very nice.
Sauce- Sweet, with a touch of red pepper for some zest. Excellent.
Cheese- Weak point of this pie. Not bad. It just can't keep up with the other parts.
Peps- Nice. Salty and spicy. Some crisped, some still flat. Very good.

Overall: We endorse this pie for all party events. Never had one smaller than 30inches, but why would we? A very strong 3-5.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Talking Pizza with the Coconut Coolouts!!!!

PS: Eat pizza recently? Tell us about it.
Always. We are always...ALWAYS eating pizza. For real. The last pizza was a thin crust Red Baron frozen pizza. Pepperoni. Very very good. That and those " Totino's party pizzas" are the best frozen pizzas. Crispy and good to eat...and cheap. The last take out pizza/restaurant pizza was Northlake Pizza here in Seattle,WA. It's an awesome joint with tons of cheese on the pizza....the black olives are chopped and the pepperoni is small and thick.

PS: So, what’s your favorite pizza shop in Seattle?

We like Olympia Greek Style Pizza, Northlake Pizza, A New York Pizza Place (they also make a delicious frozen pizza), Padrino's (they deliver late), Stacia's (gourmet pizza....cream cheese and pepperoni..mmm.), and Bill's Off Broadway.

PS: Any favorites in other cities?
Um...any city that has a good pizza buffet. Oh. Austin,Texas...Mangia, Conan's, and Double Dave's.

PS: What style of crust are you in to?
We like thin and crispy...but we do love a Chicago style deep dish.

PS: What about Chicago Style? Any thoughts on regional pizza varieties?
See the last answer. As far as regional pizza...all pizza is good pizza. It's like that saying....."Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good". Pizza is Vancouver is good and cheap...if you catch our drift.

PS: Who serves the worst pizza that you know of?
I don't know. Once in Richmond, Virginia I had a real terrible piece. It was from some chain store. Sbarros is a good example of kinda bad pizza. Mall pizza. We'd still eat it. Again see the respone to that last question.

PS: What do you think about the relationship between pizza, and partying?
They need each other. the are both crucial to a good time. They are both fun! Ask any party animal. Ask 'em.."What is your favorite food?" I bet they say pizza. Or burgers, or hot dogs. But, we bet nine times outta ten...it's PIZZA.
Pizza and partying go hand in hand. Hot dogs, too. Our buddy Justin made us a hot dog pizza. It had chili for the sauce, cheese, onions, and cut up hot dogs on it....oh, mustard, too.

PS: Toppings?
Pepperoni, cheese, cream cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions, meatballs, hamburger, hot dogs, peppers, jalepenos,
mushrooms, canadian bacon, bacon, you know....almost anything


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smokin' Joes [2657 N High St, Columbus, OH--261-4686]

I was a little stressed out so I called up Jim to see if he wanted to do a little pizza/cavs. He's a good friend.

Smokin' Joe's, half of the Hounddog's pizza empire, dominates the pizza scene in the North Campus area. Anything south of Arcadia and North of 17th Ave is Hounddogs territory. Beyond these streets we would go Gatto's and Flying, respectively. It's a little strange subjecting this to review because we eat it almost weekly. I've had some incredible pizza there, both really good and really bad. When you go is key, unfortunately.

I don't want to be mean, but it can be pretty shitty sometimes. This trip there was some cheesy LA punk band doing sound check. I cannot express how annoying they were, but I guess it is better than the usual stream of Rage Against the Machine, Jane's Addiction, and Fugazi. The TV was broken by our seat so no Cavs.

Crust- chewy, sweet, garlicky, and good. tonight it was slightly dry, but still solid.
Sauce- we always get spicey. That's just what it was. Lots of TANG...
Cheese- weak point of the pie, but still good. tons of it. kinda flavorfu.
Peps- Very good. Nice variation of crisp v. chewy. Spiced and salty. Excellent.

Usually this place is really good. However I have had the second worst pizza of my life at Hounddogs. Tonight was good though. A very solid 4 out of 5 from a Columbus institution. It hit the spot.

Of Note:
Ravari room is excellent on weeknights and on Fridays before 9pm. Dollar beers man!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jet's Pizza(39 S. Telegraph Rd. Pontiac, MI or 3858 Main St. Hilliard,OH)

Hype: There simply was none. I had never even planned on eating this stuff in my life because it looked like horrible chain pizza.

Scene: Okay, here's the scoop. Played a show in Detroit(actually Pontiac, a part of the area)which was located in this huge building with like two or three floors and a thousand rooms or something. Next to the bar, there was this kooky halloween party going on with middle-aged business men, weird party people in costumes and young babes. After playing i tried to sneak in, but security promptly booted me out, telling me it was a private party. About an hour later when it looked like things were dying down, i drunkenly stumbled back in and headed straight for the food table where some blondes in tight clothing served me free breadsticks and hot slices. The score of a lifetime.

The Pie:

Crust: Nice and filling. Thick,heavy Adriatico's style, but dare i say better?
Cheese: Tons. Super tasty and flavorful. Chewy and Thick. Hit the spot. Also,much like the aforementioned Adriatico's. On a level, yo.
Sauce: Good stuff, tangy and tart.
Pep: Nice large slices, just enough grease. Really made the rest of the pizza shine.
Overall: Alright, here's the deal, this pizza was delicious, but due to the circumstances of the evening i may have to reevaluate this pizza because A. I was pretty drunk, B. hadn't eaten dinner C. it was free and D. was served to me by girls. Right now it stands as a 5 out of 5 pie pizza,but I plan on trying to make it out to the Hilliard location asap just to make sure that it lives up to the repuation of that night. There is also the off chance that this pizza may be better in Detroit since i believe this is where the chain began. You know, like Cincinnati's Adriatico's doesn't hold a candle to Columbus' Adriatico's. Shit's weird that way man.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Romanceing the Pizza: the short north--pizza?

She said it would only take a second. I was game. Its so hard to refuse her when she looks in to my eyes. She promised beer, snacks, and a lack of deutche-bags because it was a Tuesday. I caved the minute she asked.

The place was crawling with professional-men, that couldn't even take their tie off on the way to the bar, scenesters, bikedudes, and hip-hop dudes. Everyone had their respective looks down perfectly. It was loud, but I could hear only her voice. Nothing she said mattered to me. I wanted to make out. She wanted pizza. I can never refuse pizza, even at a hellhole like this.

That was no pizza. It was called "Chicken Tandadori Something Something." What the fuck? It was small--one size fits all. I guess they are meant for people to eat while nursing their vodka and cocaines-weight watchers, you know. I was still hungry. She ordered nachos, even they came with straws.
In the short north they won't make you pizza--they'll make you a flatbread.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Panzera's Pizza (1354 Grandview Ave., Columbus,OH, 43212)

Hype: Everyone seems to like this place. Ate here several years ago but never really with a pizza critical view in mind.

Scene: Nice patio to enjoy your pie on while catching a nice breeze, tho there's no place to eat inside. What does one do in the winter when they want to eat their pie fresh from the oven? hmmm. something to consider. This place could not be reviewed when its cold outside.

The Pie:

Crust: Damn solid. Chewy, firm, not burnt in the least.
Sauce: Great and tangy, seasoned well with some definite oregano flavoring going on.
Cheese: Decent. Not enough though. Biggest complaint of this pie was that it could have used some more cheese on top.
Peps: Oh yeah, this was the high point of the slaying. Flavorful with hints of grease, but not too much. They curled up nicely on the pie, given a nice aesthetic value to the presentation.

Overall: Good stuff here. 4 out of 5 pies. A strong 4 at that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catfish Biff's (W. 11th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43201--614-421-7421)

Remember when you lived on King ave. and partied until 4am six or seven nights a week? Down by 11th you had Appolo's, the other Gyro place in that building, Cluck-U, or Catfish for late-night mop-up duty--how times have changed. Regardless of what happened the night before I would try to catch the Catfish Biff's lunch special the next morning: two roni slices and a Dr. Pepper for $2.75. VALUE!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend they opened back up because the kids are back. This time we drove instead of walked. The picnic table is still there. Sluts are still sitting on the steps, QFM 96 is still blasting killer rock tunes, and that fucking idiot that was in my econ class is still the manager. It was a good time and the pizza is still pretty good. On a by-the-slice basis it is an incredible value.

We opted for an extra large pep pie. It doesn't need a review because the memories tasted better than the pizza. It merits your business. If you don't get drunk with young college students, start.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pizzano's Pizza and Stromboli (5875 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH - (614) 766-0000)

Hype: We weren't really planning on eating here or anything. We were up in Dublin, OH picking up something that you can only get there. We were going to get some pie in Grandview, but that will have to wait for another day. So we just saw it from the road. It was a stark contrast to the endless suburban shit.
Scene: Looks like they do a lot of carry-out and lunch. I bet the Stromboli and Gyros are popular with the Dublin officeguy set. Best party: Ms. Pac-man tabletop machine. Check it out...

The Pie:
Crust- Neither of us were impressed. Thin, not toasty. Bland. Perhaps purchased frozen from a supplier.
Sauce- Not so great. Bland.
Cheese- GREAT! Lots of it. The real deal. A little browned too.
Peps- Pretty good. Nothing to shit your pants over, but they were toasty, peppy and nice.

Overall: Not an impressive pie, but the cheese, peps, and Ms. Pac-man machine saved the day.
All in all we would rate this place as a 3--5 pie joint!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen Pizza Depression (71 W. Tulane Rd. Columbus, OH 43202)

Hype: We are poor. We are lazy. These two factors led us to forgo Gatto's, which would have been infinitely better, but at considerable cost. Plus, OSU was actually struggling against the Bobcats of Ohio University. Nobody was willing to go pick it up at a moment like this!!!

Scene: Partying: Saturday-afternoon- buckeye-style. The Big Ten Network is now on cable for the masses. Everyone is glad that we are not with the crowd at Brewsters- good once in a while, but not for routine.

Pie #1--
Frucheta (sp?) Brick oven style
Crust: When cooked as directed the crust actually crisps and has a sweetness to it. Not too bad.
Sauce: Also sweet. Some flavor. Not too much plastic wrap in its essence.
Cheese: Almost tastes like cheese.
Toppings: Good. Steve had a supreme and they were flavorful and pretty tasty.
Overall: Its a fucking frozen pizza. 1-5. Way better than pizza #2 though.

Pie #2--
Giant Eagle Rising Crust
Crust: Rose to about 1 inch thick. Somewhat of an overkill eh?
Sauce: Burnt the fucking shit out of the roof of my mouth. I could not wait. Dave too.
Cheese: Fuck this.
Peps: Soft, shitty. Flavorless. Bummer.
Overall: I could taste the savings, but we needed food and I got this one a few weeks ago for 2.50 a shot. Once in a while they get super-cheap so I stock up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-5 pies.

** If you have the opportunity to drink a few Coor's Lights, and eat 1 free pizza and one for $2.50 while watching OSU and partying with your pals, don't pass it up. But man, Gattos would have been SWEET!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pizza Plus Bexley (2651 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209 [237-3305])

Hype: People had been talking this up for a month. We had to see for ourselves. Not only that, but we hadn't slayed a pizza, together, in a while, so it only made sense to do it right. We had very high expectations going in and we were not disappointed!!!!

Scene: The shop has its own parking lot and looks like it could have been a donut shop at one point. Clean interior. The walls were covered in pictures of their pizza--we still haven't decided what to make of that. Lots of teenagers and families inside.

Crust- AWESOME!!! Crisp edges and underbelly. Airy and light on the inside. Thick. Slightly sweet. For the record, we agreed that we would have liked to see them make it just a little crisper, maybe another 1-2 minutes in the oven? Just saying!!!!!
Sauce- Just a little tangy. You can taste the dried "Italian Seasoning." Pretty good. Doesn't keep up with that awesome crust though.
Cheese- Good flavor, but not enough. We would like another 2oz on the pie please. It was good.
Peps- They were very good. Spicy, salty and delicious. On the pictures of their pizza they had on the walls they were crisped and folding up as well-done ronies do, ours were not, uncool.
OVERALL-This pie is damn good. We now see what all the hype is about. Maybe we were a little hard on it because the expectations were so high and the price matched--$15+ for a large pep. But it is good. A strong 4-5 pies!!!!!!!
**THEY SERVE BEER, but it is also a little pricey.
P.S. They have online coupons that aren't bad. go to their website. I forget the URL. Use google.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John's Pizza (2104 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647)

Hype: We at Pizza Slayer know nothing of 'Chicago Deep Dish.' Would it be fair for us to judge? So we didn't. Our friend told us of Chicago's best thin, John's.

Scene: In a semi-trendy neighborhood (we could tell by the number of girls on bikes, white-T's, Jorts, etc.) this shop is family owned all the way. I think three generations were working while we were there. Remember the Chicago Bear's Super Bowl Shuffle? It was playing on the box!!!

Crust- Nice! Crisp edges, somewhat soft underbelly. Thin.
Sauce-Impressive, but sweet and pretty good with noticeable amount of oregano.
Cheese- Too much. It had a pretty good flavor, but too much.
Pep- Consistently soft. Salty and under the cheese!!! I could hardly taste it.

Overall: A pretty good pie. I would come here if it were in Columbus AND...They didn't misplace the peps. The only reason this should be done is if you are making Pizza Casarole. Just because you are in Chicago doesn't mean you have to fuck up your pizza.
3-5 pies. 1 pie deduction for fucking up the pep-placement.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pizza Shuttle (1827 N Farwell Ave, Milwauke, WI 414-289-9993)

Hype: Our friends in Milwaukee said it was good. They have like a 50 inch pizza or something for $50. If you and your pal can eat it all you win $500. We didn't want to dance.

Scene: In a hipster neighborhood. You walk upstairs and its like a nice-looking, well lit diner, kind of. Photo machine, indie rock jukebox, neon lights and a bum sleepsitting on a corner stool. I got an awesome T-Shirt for only 5 bucks, after we ate, naturally.

Crust- Hand tossed. Sweet, chewy and pleasantly airy. Excellent.
Sauce- Not unanimous here, two of three said it was lacking flavor. The other liked it.
Cheese- This is WISCONSIN, man. It was awesome, no shitting here. They proudly announce on the boxes that their cheese is %100 local WI dairy. You CAN taste the difference. Plenty of it.
Pep- some a little well done, others still soft. Maybe a little salty and lacking kick, but pretty good.

Overall: Good pizza. Split decision. 4 of 5 pies!!!!!!! Do stop in if you ever visit Milwaukee.

***Partyboyz-- Cheap pitchers of draft beer. Do it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hungry Howies (2995 N High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 784-9999‎)

Hype: We were in a serious rush and super hungry. It is cheap. I swear we were not out to score any serious pie. Trust me. It's only a block away.

Environment: Sucks. It's a chain. Questionable from top to bottom. Unpleasent.

Crust: We got the thin crust because it is edible. It makes saltine crackers look thick. Way to thin!!!!!!!! Little flavor.
Sauce: Somewhat sweet with hints of herbs and spices. Truly, not too bad!! A good amount.
Cheese: Overdone. Good flavor, but maybe a little too much and certainly burnt.
Pep: Flavorless crap. Flat.

Overall: It is pretty cheap, but here is the deal. Each of us slayed an entire pizza our selves. At $7 a pie, why invest, man? A large pep from Gatto's (across the street) is $13 and feeds two. Gatto's out of this pie's league. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We give this pizza 2 out of 5 pies. After all, it's still pizza!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Belleria's Pizzeria (128 Graceland Bl. Columbus, OH, 43214, 435-7500)

Hype: Not much really. We were requested to review this establishment by a Pizza Slayer reader. The fact being that its origins lie in Youngstown was enough to intrigue us.

Scene: Not really scoring any points here. Located in a strip mall in the Graceland shopping center, you can't really get much lamer than that. Upon entering, the atmosphere was extremely clean and full of suburbanite families enjoying a nice weekend dinner, Italian style. No jukebox, funny signs or pinball machines here. A far cry from what we're normally accustomed to. Also, the restroom was freakishly clean. Immaculate, almost to the point of being creepy. They even had an employee checklist up on the wall of who's turn it was to clean. Nothing wrong with being a little on the cleanly side, but this was riduculous.

Crust: Chewy and very flavorful. Not too doughy and not burnt in the least. Nice Work!
Sauce: The strongest point of this pizza was the sauce. Not your typical tomato flavor, this sauce had a mixture of green and red peppers thrown into it, giving it a very unique, tart taste. Very refreshing even. Just the right amount of it too. My only gripe with it was that it slid off the slice a little too easily, leaving me with a big pizza stain on my shirt. Oh well, at least it was a black shirt!
Cheese: Not bad at all. Greasy, but not too. It wasn't so filling as to make my stomach feel bloated like a lot of pies out there. Hearty and satisfying. It too slid off the slice too easily, sometimes leaving me with an unhappy, cheeseless slice, but ultimately one of the stronger points of the pizza.
Pep: Can't say I'm a fan of the pepperoni baked underneath the cheese. It detracts from the overall flavor of the pep, leaving you with just a hint of what you could be tasting. Kind of a pep tease if you know what I mean.

Overall: A nice tasting and extremely unique pizza. The pride of Youngstown. This is probably the least punk pizza i've ever tasted, but its a good value if you want something slightly more up- scale. We won't be seeing this one on punker Thursdays, but I would definitely revisit this place once every other month or so. 4 out of 5 pies.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ohio State Pizza (325 E Hudson St. Columbus, OH 43202, 268-8181)

Hype: We begin with a quiz. What's cooler-- punk rock or getting pizza? Punker Thursdays ordered two large peps from Ohio State pizza this evening. I'm still recovering from the festivities.

**Let me say this-- Seanzilla swears by this pie, but the rest of us had very low expectations.

Scene: It is delivery so I'll describe Punker Thursdays. I could hear it as I walked down the street. Canned beer, loud punk records and tapes, standing around-not sitting! The delivery guy was dressed like Fred Durst.

Crust: Thin. Crispy around the edges, but soft under the toppings. It could be folded like a taco as I hurried to get the next slice before it was consumed by the others.
Sauce: Surprisingly flavorful. I'm not saying it was great or anything but not too bad for a damn cheap punk-pizza.
Cheese: Lots of cheese. Full-flavored. Filled me up and slowed down the party as intended.
Peps!: Very good value. They actually had spice. Worlds beyond the shit we had from Gumby's the other night.

Overall: A good value. Punkest pizza in Columbus. It was foldable, cheap, pretty tasty, and have you seen the inside of the store. Punk. Not uniform agreement by the group, but, 3 out of 5 pies. Better than most of us expected. Certainly worth the money.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gumby's Pizza (2404 N High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 261-9800)

Hype: We got a request from that Sam Greghead guy to review Gumby's. We've had it before but never examined it with a pizzacritical eye. Trust me--expectations were appropriately low.

It was hot as fuck in there. It is across the street from the Blue Danube, decent neighborhood filled with post-students, drunks, stoners, and losers. We were surprised to find two pinball machines (one Pro Wrestling), and Zombie Raid, or some shit. One of those gun-shooting things. Nice touch!!!

The Pie:
Crust: Reminiscent of the old-school Donato's crust, but with smaller bubbles and a little less chewy. Very bland.
Sauce: Bland, boring. Nothing to say.
Cheese: If there was a highlight of this pie, this was it. Nothing to write home about, but a little flavor, and lots of it.
Pep: Boring and weak. Very little spice.

Overall: It's still pizza and it was cheap. 2 out of 5 pies!!! For late-night only.

Pizza House (747 E Lincoln Ave, Columbus, OH - (614) 885-3121)

Hype: Seanzilla claims that Pizza House is the best pie in Columbus. His pizza-taste is a little questionable as he dislikes Adriatico's and several other choice pies, but we'll give it a shot.

Scene: Very family-friendly. Very Classy, too!!!! White tile, glass brick, the kind of bar that your dad and your uncles frequent since the mid-seventies. Nicest staff in all pizza--guaranteed!!! Check out the pitcher of soda they gave Sean!

The Pie:
Crust--A little thicker than your standard thin-crust pizza. More air than many of Columbus's thin-crusts, but it is not a thick crust pie. Very interesting. VERY TASTY!!
Sauce--sweet and mildly spicy. Not too much, not too little. I think it allowed the crust and the pep to shine through.
Cheese--also kept to a minimum. Not to say that there wasn't enough though. A little browned and perfect.
Pep--Tons of pep. 4-5 per little square slice. Very spicy. Some soft, some toasted. Made the pie.

Pizza House is the shit. A surefire 5 out of 5!!!!
You must taste the pie!!!!!!!!!!

By the way: Full bar.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cardo's Pizza (2920 S High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 409-9229)

Last night we ate Cardo's Pizza

Hype: Jim and Sean said it was top notch--boy were they right!

Scene: It is pretty far south on High St. After a little culture shock we got in to it. Nice fishing themed pinball machine to master while you wait for the pie. No AC, so we were sweating our balls off. Local rednecks came in and out. Check out this exchange.

Chuck: "Hey pecker-wood"
Worker: "What's up Chuck?"
Chuck: "I'm drunk. Left the motorcycle at home-got the truck so I can bang shit up."

Chuck gets pizza and swerves out of the shop on foot.
Worker: "Careful sidewinder."

The Pie
Crust: Very crisp, both outside and under the toppings. Perfect!
Sauce: Underwealming.
Cheese: Bold and tangy. Also Perfect! Just the right amount. A little grease on top from the peps.
Pep: Made this pizza excellent!!! A little oily-dave likes. Very spicy and tons of it. Must get peps if you do this pie!!!!

Overall: There was some disagreement, but---> 5 out of 5 pies!! Great Pie! Worth the trip to the south side of town.

**No partying or hippies allowed in this shop!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dante's Pizza (3586 Indianola Ave. , Columbus, OH)

Hype: Described by our friend Jason as the most Newark -like pizza in town, we were extremely hot to taste this pie!

Environment: 1. Wood Paneling(reminiscent of pizza joints in Newark) 2. Toppings visible next to the front counter upon entering the premises(let's you know what you're getting!) 3. Killer Jukebox!! Everything from Van Halen to REO Speedwagon. Even Foreigner was thrown into the mix! 4. Neon Miller Lite pizza slice sign. Totally Vintage!!!

THE PIE!!!: Crust-Hinze thought the crust was the best part. Toasty on the edges, yet a little chewy underneath the toppings. Nicely done!
Sauce - Lots of it! Very sweet, with lots of oregano, a hallmark of Newark pizza. Two thumbs up! Cheese - Lots!!! Good n' cheesy. Extremely filling.
Pep-Salty and a good amount of it. At least two per slice. A bit scorched in the oven, giving the pizza a more bacon-like flavor, adding a fine saltiness to the overall package.

RATING: 4 pies out of 5....Nice!!!

Note*** You can get pitchers of Bud/Bud Light for $7.40 if you like to party.