Sunday, November 16, 2008

Portofinos Pizza [1600 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus, OH 43224 (614) 262-2662]

Hype: We've had this one before. It is great for parties, Buckeye games, and the like. We were hungry after watching some football so we decided to slay a 30 inch pie. Look at the size of that thing!!!!!!!!

Scene: It's on the other side of 71 on Oakland park near cleveland. Not my hood. The guy behind the counter had a Juggalo tattoo. nuf said. No tables.

The Pie:
Crust- Chewy outer handles, crisped well. Foldable inner slices. Very nice.
Sauce- Sweet, with a touch of red pepper for some zest. Excellent.
Cheese- Weak point of this pie. Not bad. It just can't keep up with the other parts.
Peps- Nice. Salty and spicy. Some crisped, some still flat. Very good.

Overall: We endorse this pie for all party events. Never had one smaller than 30inches, but why would we? A very strong 3-5.


Party Gabe said...

Hey slayers, I was just noodling over your latest blog when I thought, "You know what would make Pizza Slayer party even harder? Perhaps a map of the columbus area showing the location of pies they have slain, and a big board listing pies in order of tastiness." What do you think?

pizza playboy said...

not only did the dude behind the counter have a juggalo tatoo, he had a juggalo NECK tattoo. that dude was "running with the hatchet."

relevant keeler said...

I concur with party gabe's map idea. and have the world shaped like one big pie.