Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen Pizza Depression (71 W. Tulane Rd. Columbus, OH 43202)

Hype: We are poor. We are lazy. These two factors led us to forgo Gatto's, which would have been infinitely better, but at considerable cost. Plus, OSU was actually struggling against the Bobcats of Ohio University. Nobody was willing to go pick it up at a moment like this!!!

Scene: Partying: Saturday-afternoon- buckeye-style. The Big Ten Network is now on cable for the masses. Everyone is glad that we are not with the crowd at Brewsters- good once in a while, but not for routine.

Pie #1--
Frucheta (sp?) Brick oven style
Crust: When cooked as directed the crust actually crisps and has a sweetness to it. Not too bad.
Sauce: Also sweet. Some flavor. Not too much plastic wrap in its essence.
Cheese: Almost tastes like cheese.
Toppings: Good. Steve had a supreme and they were flavorful and pretty tasty.
Overall: Its a fucking frozen pizza. 1-5. Way better than pizza #2 though.

Pie #2--
Giant Eagle Rising Crust
Crust: Rose to about 1 inch thick. Somewhat of an overkill eh?
Sauce: Burnt the fucking shit out of the roof of my mouth. I could not wait. Dave too.
Cheese: Fuck this.
Peps: Soft, shitty. Flavorless. Bummer.
Overall: I could taste the savings, but we needed food and I got this one a few weeks ago for 2.50 a shot. Once in a while they get super-cheap so I stock up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-5 pies.

** If you have the opportunity to drink a few Coor's Lights, and eat 1 free pizza and one for $2.50 while watching OSU and partying with your pals, don't pass it up. But man, Gattos would have been SWEET!!!!!!!


Party Gabe said...

HInze, there's a little more profanity here than I'm used to, but given the circumstances, I believe it is warranted. P.S. The photography on this blog is top notch.

If you ever find yourself craving Monday pie, you should hit up Rotolo's for the $10.99 one topping.

One Love. Party Party.

Party Gabe said...

Scratch that, the cheap Rotolo's is a Tuesday thing, pretty atypical.

relevant keeler said...

this is like ebert reviewing america's funniest home videos. get back to work. you CAN get free pies (just talk to the elliots) if you say it's for a review you lazy turds.