Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adriaticos @ a PARTY!! What else is there!?!?!?

Hype: We were having this KILLER party. Comfest traffic had us totally locked up but we needed some pie. Who you gunna call?

Scene: Women and children were among friends and other good people. It was nice. Backyard BBQ without the grill. All was well in the world.
The Pie:
Its Adrocks! What else can you say. Salty, doughy, well-seasoned, thickness topped with spicy sauce and enough cheese to stop up a Canada Goose. Dig it?

The delivery guy was fast and agile. He cut though the traffic with ease. Party on Adriaticos.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hound Dogs Pizza (The Happy Hour Deal?!?!?!?)

Hype: Somebody told us that Ravari Room/ Houndogs was getting their happy hour shit back together. Here is the deal: we used to go in their all the time--dollar beers, $5 pizzas, Lord of The Rings pinball, and darts. Then things got more and more expensive so we stopped. Let's see if they recaptured some of their glory.
Scene: It's still Houndogs and the Ravari room. Don't get me wrong, but they do have pool tables, pinball, terrible music playing, and darts.

The Pie
Crust- we got smokin' joes. Garlic-butter-herb thickish, chewy crust. Airy in the middle, golden brown. Its all good.
Sauce- Sweet, not spicey. Hints of italian herbs. Does not stand out.
Cheese- Its real. Good tanginess. Lots of it.
Peps- spicey and slightly cupped, but not on all. Fulfilling.

Overall: This is not just a deal...IT'S A STEAL. 10 bucks for a pizza and pitcher of beer. Give it a try. You can get it on either side of the bar. We give this a very strong 4 out of 5 pies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Come party with us.

We are going to party with these bands next Sunday. Let's see if we can score some pizza-- or at least some extreme wieners!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clintonville Primo Pizza (Indianola Ave and Weber)

Hype: This kittycat told us that we were hungry for some pie. We had a lot of work to do so we thought we'd just get some pick up. Its close to the house and who doesn't like to pizza while they work?

Scene: Its a pizza pick up desk. They do delivery too. It has a family business vibe to it without the portraits of old Italian ladies. These seem to be midwestern folk.

The Pie
Crust- Thin and flaky. It does droop a little in the center, but not too bad.
Sauce- A little sweet and tasty. Good stuff here.
Cheese- They keep it real here. Not Rotolos amounts but a good dose of the real deal.
Peps- Spiced just right, thick-cut and well applied.

Overall: We order two larges and each pizza was not alike. The first was better than the second. This is not the diminishing returns concept from that economics class I failed. The second was underdone. Maybe that's why daddy had a belly-ache and Dave was feeling a little ill. This costs them a pie I think. 3---5. Or on second thought, maybe we should not have ate that much pizza and we are just plain stupid. I've had Primo before and liked it a lot. Maybe they should get that one back?