Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pizza Shuttle (1827 N Farwell Ave, Milwauke, WI 414-289-9993)

Hype: Our friends in Milwaukee said it was good. They have like a 50 inch pizza or something for $50. If you and your pal can eat it all you win $500. We didn't want to dance.

Scene: In a hipster neighborhood. You walk upstairs and its like a nice-looking, well lit diner, kind of. Photo machine, indie rock jukebox, neon lights and a bum sleepsitting on a corner stool. I got an awesome T-Shirt for only 5 bucks, after we ate, naturally.

Crust- Hand tossed. Sweet, chewy and pleasantly airy. Excellent.
Sauce- Not unanimous here, two of three said it was lacking flavor. The other liked it.
Cheese- This is WISCONSIN, man. It was awesome, no shitting here. They proudly announce on the boxes that their cheese is %100 local WI dairy. You CAN taste the difference. Plenty of it.
Pep- some a little well done, others still soft. Maybe a little salty and lacking kick, but pretty good.

Overall: Good pizza. Split decision. 4 of 5 pies!!!!!!! Do stop in if you ever visit Milwaukee.

***Partyboyz-- Cheap pitchers of draft beer. Do it.

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Anonymous said...

This is REAL pizza. Thin pizza cut square is for strange men who rarely wash their jeans because they feel they gain "experience" that way...just sayin