Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hungry Howies (2995 N High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 784-9999‎)

Hype: We were in a serious rush and super hungry. It is cheap. I swear we were not out to score any serious pie. Trust me. It's only a block away.

Environment: Sucks. It's a chain. Questionable from top to bottom. Unpleasent.

Crust: We got the thin crust because it is edible. It makes saltine crackers look thick. Way to thin!!!!!!!! Little flavor.
Sauce: Somewhat sweet with hints of herbs and spices. Truly, not too bad!! A good amount.
Cheese: Overdone. Good flavor, but maybe a little too much and certainly burnt.
Pep: Flavorless crap. Flat.

Overall: It is pretty cheap, but here is the deal. Each of us slayed an entire pizza our selves. At $7 a pie, why invest, man? A large pep from Gatto's (across the street) is $13 and feeds two. Gatto's out of this pie's league. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We give this pizza 2 out of 5 pies. After all, it's still pizza!!!!


duffy said...

yo i once ordered some sandwiches from this place and i swear water squirted from them.

sam said...

one of the key pizza elements is pizza deals and for this, i greatly respect hungry howie. my best pizza deal is little caesar's: 1 large 1 topping pizza and 1 full order of crazy bread for only $6. ONLY AVAILABLE IN K-MART. still great.

keeler said...

hey jerks write a new review already

Anonymous said...

you need pizza eating music on this blog...