Monday, October 26, 2009

Dante's Pizza Revisited (Indianola Ave and Torrance)

Hype: It's been a while and I remember liking it. There are a lot of different opinions on Dantes. The most convincing I heard is that it really depends on who's working. Oh, like Hounddogs.

Scene: Still nice. It was dark in there and it was packed with families. They have those tables for two that you can keep stacking together until all twelve people on your youth soccer team are together. Don't you remember?

The Pie:
Crust: No joke this was super good. It was thin and crisp. Partysliced, but even if it were in big slices it would have been man enough to stand up to all of that...
Sauce: sweet n tangy the way I like it. mmm. Lots of Italian Seasoning. They weren't shy about its application either.
Cheese: low point of the pie. I just don't like it. Too much, too gooey. Not enough action in its flavor either. I suspect.
Peps: Nice. Thin and not too oily. Lots of salty spicy deliciousness.

Overall: We stand by our first instinct on this one. Take the whole family, or basketball team and enjoy the family values at Dante's. 4----5.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

South Campus Slice Showdown!!! [OSU South Campus, Columbus, OH]

Hype: It's been too long since we've been to the king of South Campus Party Pizza shops--Catfish Biff's. Since our last visit, two new south campus slice places have opened up: Formaggio, a "Steubenville Style" shop on 13th and High with dollar slices, and a more upscale (by South Campus standards) shop on Chittenden and High that serves buffalo chicken slices along with the traditional stuff. ***note-I will eat buffalo chicken pizza only in Buffalo, NY. Just sayin. It's time to find out if any of these newbies can roll with Catfish Biffs. ***Another note-- Adraiaticos is above this entire conversation. Leave her out of it.
Scene: Minivans with teenage kids dressed to the nines in their best punk rock gear were visible unloading for an apparent battle of the bands from Formaggio's porch. Meth-heads were walking around bird-dogging underage chicks and the streets still smell like half-digested Bud Light and hippie oil. This is the view at both Formaggio and Cantoni's. I did like the workers at Cantoni's a little better than Formaggio's. Steubenville is like a shitty Youngstown and I think the creep working there was inbred--just guessin. Catfish Biff's still has the picnic table with the dorm and basketball court view. The single block off High Street really separates it enough from all of the racket--let's not even begin to talk about the poured concrete outdoor mall from hell that they built down there.

The Pies:

Crispy and fresh out of the oven. Oil added to the crispness nicely. It is a small, dollar-slice but even if it were big it would have held up. Square (pictured below)
Sauce- Sweet and tomato heavy. Not a lot of spices other than basil were visible.
Cheese- Steubenville style. Fresh, but not a lot. Gobbed in the center.
Peps- Salty, medium sized. Nothing to write home about.
Overall: Not bad. It's only a dollar, so if it is late and you need to mop up the mess, don't hesitate to try a taste. Last time I tasted a little Steubenville late at night I wound up on anti-biotics! 3--5.

Crust- This is a party-folder straight outta NYC! That's not saying its great or anything they just got the foldability of a New York slice. Good to see. The crust was, however, bland and tasted like a Pilsbury breadstick on the outside.
Sauce- Sweet and tangy. I liked it and it worked with the cheese very well.
Cheese- Not as fresh as Formaggio, but this is a big NY slice, and for what it was it worked.
Peps- small, thick-cut and cupped. tasty.
Overall: Dave liked this the best, James and I thought that it was better than Formaggio, but still not Catfish Biff's. 3--5. Certainly worth a try.
Catfish Biff's
Crust- Doughy with some spices mixed in. Almost a sourdough taste. Not crisp. Weak but satisfying.
Sauce- Sweet and garlicky.
Cheese- Like a cheap date. Perfect for late at night.
Peps- Limp and salty. I love it this way.
Overall- This is the Jeff Fernengel of pizzas. I have every reason to hate it yet I love it like family. Every fall when it opens back up it is a must-eat slice. Still the king of South Campus Party Pie, but with worthy competition.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hudson Street Pizza (Hudson St, Just East of I-71)

Hype: I was driving by the other day and saw it--looked kinda promising, but one must use caution when eating pizza next to inter sate highways. In my experience, the less convenient, the better. Though I'm sure there are countless exceptions to this rule.

Scene: There was a huge "Impressionism" poster about impressionism. People of different ethnic back rounds were all working there, together--I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying that this not typical of family-run pizza shops, where usually everyone is related or look like they could be cousins. At this shop there was a white lady, a black lady, and a Mediterranean guy all working there. Hey, maybe they are all cousins--after all, it is the '90s.
The Pie
Crust- Home made. I mean, home made. It tasted like my Aunt Ellen made it. Actually this was somewhat charming and may be the highlight of the pie.
Sauce- Very bland. Very canned. Not memorable at all.
Cheese- heavily applied and not bad. Not great at all.
Peps- Weak, thin, flat, tasteless and shameful.

Overall- Slice one--mediocre in every way. Slice two- not that good. Slice three- lame. Slice four- pizza regret. I would not recommend getting this pie with Clintonville Primo right up the street. Maybe if we were partying harder it would have changed things. 2--5.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hospital Pizza: Riverside Methodist Hospital

Hype: I had not really had anything meaningful to eat in about a day. They brought her meals all the time but totally left me hanging!?!?!?!?!? Daddy was hungry so I ducked out to find the cafeteria.

Scene: Lots of people wearing scrubs, lab coats, mixed with rednecks and office dorks. These are not the office dorks of the Short North that wear ties late at night to attract shallow women. These are real, dorky, dorks--like IT guys. Also there are babies, and lots of hallways. Oh yeah, the pie was made by an Asian dude, from Asia. He could not be The President. I'm just sayin.

The Pie
Crust- It was kinda chewy with some air bubbles. Pretty well cooked. No complaints in this department.
Sauce- Flavorless and dried out. I bet this pie had been sitting out for several hours before I got to it.
Cheese- Bland. Boring. There was some of it on there but it added nothing.

Peps- They had other mystery meat on there too. None of it was flavorful at all. I could not tell what it was.

Overall: I was not in the hospital for the pizza. I was afraid of the fish, so I just went with the least worst option. It was pretty bad, but as they say, 'Pizza is like sex. Even when it is bad, it's still good.' 2--5 BYOB.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terita's Pizza (3905 Cleveland Ave. Columbus,OH)

Hype: Our friend Jason says that this is favorite pizza place in Columbus next to Dante's. Jason has excellent taste in pizza, so we highly anticipated hitting this place up.

Scene: Its carry out only, but it had all the hallmarks of a family owned pizza shop. There were some old black and white photos on the wall of old Italian guys having fun in the '50s and Italian flags adorning the windows as curtains. It was nice to see that the cooler was stocked with orange crush soda and 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor.

The Pie:

Crust: Soft, firm, but not as crispy as I would have liked. Not extremely flavorful, but not bad by any means. Maybe a little too doughy.

Sauce: Tangy and delicious. May I say refreshing? Many thin crust pies skimp on the sauce in favor of cheese, but not these guys. Just the right amount.

Cheese: Cooked well and clung to the slices without sliding off. Good stuff.

Peps: Cupped, crispy and greasy. Quite tasty. A good amount without being overwhelming.

Overall: The sign says they've been in business since 1959 and you can see why. The pizza has a unique flavor not quite like any other pie in Columbus. A strong 4 out of 5 pies. Also, all of the ingredients were equally distributed which is hard to find in a pie these days. Plus, they have the coolest mascot, the Pizza Man!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sicilia's Pizza (22 E. Frambes Rd. Cols.,OH)

Hype:Jim and I were sitting around craving some pie late last week and we saw an ad for this new place called Jimmy's on Oakland Park. We called Jimmy, but the line rang busy for like 20 mins. When the phone actually starting ringing Jimmy wouldn't pick up, so we scanned the saver for some campus dogshit pizza and found this new place Sicilia's. Expectations were low considering this was the former location of some pretty awful pies,(the Funky Monkey, Shankoty's, etc.), but since the price was only $6.99 for a large 14" pie, we thought we'd take our chances.

Scene: We were drunk and it was late so we weren't driving anywhere and got delivery. Being located in the heart of campus you can pretty much guess what the scene was like.

The Pie:
As I previously noted, we ordered a 14" pie. Look at the photo above and notice how much smaller the pizza is then the 12" Living Color picture sleeve. We could have easily slid this pie into the record sleeve and had plenty of room to spare. Talk about shady, false advertising.
Crust: Alright actually. Although flimsy, it had a nice texture and was slightly crispy and a bit doughy. Prob. the pie's best feature.
Sauce: Pretty much non-existent. I did catch some hint of oregano, but there wasn't enough of it on the pie to judge. weak.
Cheese: Way too much. Gooey, stringy and overwhelming. If they had eased off on the cheese a little it would have been way better as it had a decent garlicy substance to it.
Peps: whoa. Don't know if you can tell by the picture, but they were strewn haphazardly about all over the pie. They were literally stacked together in some spots. Very poor distribution. Not much flavor either, just grease.
Overall: Although, this pie had some extremely weak points, it wasn't quite as bad as we expected. It tasted better with each successive slice and if it hadn't been 3-4 inches smaller than the size we ordered, it might have scored a low 3. Due to this fact, it scores a pretty solid 2. This pizza recommended for partying only.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Romo's Pizza (Henderson and Reed Rd, Upper Arlington)

Hype: Some guy told me about this pizza the other day while I was at work. He liked it and it was close by. I mentioned it to Dave while we were partying with this cat the other day so we decided to do some lunch.
Scene: It has one of the worst pizza locations in town. Its a quarter mile from both Iaconos, and Flying Pizza on Bethel. This is Arlington too, and we all know their love for Donotos. Inside, is a clean, well-lit, newish place with a few OSU football decortions on the walls.
The Pie
Crust- This shit was laced with insane amounts of garlic salt. I don't know if that is the Halal was of making pizza or something, but damn. It overpowered most of the other aspects of the pie; unfortunate.
Sauce- Not a whole lot of it. I did detect plenty of oregano through the cup of garlic sauce on the pizza.
Cheese- Decent, I think. It tasted real. They weren't shy about applying it either.
Peps- Pretty good too. They were fairly large and well applied. Nothing to write home about.

Overall: I hope these guys have something else on the menu that will keep them going, or they can do slice business real well because my car will steer itself to the other local shops instead. 3---5 pies. It's ok.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adriaticos @ a PARTY!! What else is there!?!?!?

Hype: We were having this KILLER party. Comfest traffic had us totally locked up but we needed some pie. Who you gunna call?

Scene: Women and children were among friends and other good people. It was nice. Backyard BBQ without the grill. All was well in the world.
The Pie:
Its Adrocks! What else can you say. Salty, doughy, well-seasoned, thickness topped with spicy sauce and enough cheese to stop up a Canada Goose. Dig it?

The delivery guy was fast and agile. He cut though the traffic with ease. Party on Adriaticos.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hound Dogs Pizza (The Happy Hour Deal?!?!?!?)

Hype: Somebody told us that Ravari Room/ Houndogs was getting their happy hour shit back together. Here is the deal: we used to go in their all the time--dollar beers, $5 pizzas, Lord of The Rings pinball, and darts. Then things got more and more expensive so we stopped. Let's see if they recaptured some of their glory.
Scene: It's still Houndogs and the Ravari room. Don't get me wrong, but they do have pool tables, pinball, terrible music playing, and darts.

The Pie
Crust- we got smokin' joes. Garlic-butter-herb thickish, chewy crust. Airy in the middle, golden brown. Its all good.
Sauce- Sweet, not spicey. Hints of italian herbs. Does not stand out.
Cheese- Its real. Good tanginess. Lots of it.
Peps- spicey and slightly cupped, but not on all. Fulfilling.

Overall: This is not just a deal...IT'S A STEAL. 10 bucks for a pizza and pitcher of beer. Give it a try. You can get it on either side of the bar. We give this a very strong 4 out of 5 pies.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Come party with us.

We are going to party with these bands next Sunday. Let's see if we can score some pizza-- or at least some extreme wieners!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clintonville Primo Pizza (Indianola Ave and Weber)

Hype: This kittycat told us that we were hungry for some pie. We had a lot of work to do so we thought we'd just get some pick up. Its close to the house and who doesn't like to pizza while they work?

Scene: Its a pizza pick up desk. They do delivery too. It has a family business vibe to it without the portraits of old Italian ladies. These seem to be midwestern folk.

The Pie
Crust- Thin and flaky. It does droop a little in the center, but not too bad.
Sauce- A little sweet and tasty. Good stuff here.
Cheese- They keep it real here. Not Rotolos amounts but a good dose of the real deal.
Peps- Spiced just right, thick-cut and well applied.

Overall: We order two larges and each pizza was not alike. The first was better than the second. This is not the diminishing returns concept from that economics class I failed. The second was underdone. Maybe that's why daddy had a belly-ache and Dave was feeling a little ill. This costs them a pie I think. 3---5. Or on second thought, maybe we should not have ate that much pizza and we are just plain stupid. I've had Primo before and liked it a lot. Maybe they should get that one back?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boston's Pizza (199 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH)

Hype: It was Jim's berfday so we decided to go catch a Clippers game and see the new park. It's perfect--the park, that is. While we were down there we wanted to try out this new pizza place. We had low expectations because it is near the hockey arena and the Short North. Both of these places make me ill.
Scene: A Clippers game, a Christian Convention, and a Jane's Addiction concert were all going on that night so it was like a circus. Luckily we had reservations or we would have been waiting around with all of the other guys in flip-flops, hair gel, and tribal tattoos. Boston's is a combination of 1st Watch, Macaroni Grill, and TGI Fridays. Turnover is very important--along with not offending anyone. Somebody said that this was the first time they had ever felt sorry for somebody that works at a pizza shop. It probably sucks. If you eat here, be prepared to be surrounded by soccer-moms, office-assholes, and their vapid bitches.

The Pie
Crust- Oily. Salty. A lot like pizza hut in the 80's only now I know better. It gave me a belly ache later.
Sauce- I don't remember it at all.
Cheese- This wasn't that bad, but certainly wasn't good in any way either.
Peps- Smokey I think. Highlight of the pie.

Overall: This place sucks the shit out of my asshole. It was not overpriced, but it lacked in every category that makes pizza enjoyable. I felt like I was attempting to get a good meal at an amusement park--which is what I was doing, in a way. The Columbus Clippers deserve better. 2--5 pies.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rubino's Pizza (2643 E. Main St, Columbus-Bexley)

Hype: Some guy e-mailed us about this and he made it sound good. He talked up the tradition, peps and SAUCE. I like sauce that has tradition, after all: I am a Hinze. Let's hope he wasn't full of shit...

Scene: This place has tradition. It has a really old school sign out front (see below). Pinball machine, old signs and old people make this family-run place ooze sauce--in a good way. I think the guy that founded it over fifty years ago was old, mustached, and Italian.
The Pie
Crust- Thin. When I say thin I mean the thinnest I've ever seen in my many pizzas. Somehow it did not bend. This crust may look weak, but it is deceptively firm, crisp and perfect. You just don't get it do you?
Sauce- THE BEST SAUCE I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE, well at least that I can think of now. A little spicy, hints of oregano and not shy. Perfect.
Cheese- They are smart not to over apply. It tastes good.
Peps- Spicy and flavorful. Just a little cupping on a few, but others remained flat. Moderately thick and nickel/quarter sized. Well applied.

Overall: This is one of the Heavyweights of Columbus pizza. Each slice was somewhat unique, but always satisfying. Order a large for yourself and you will have no problem getting it done. I wish I had known about this place ten years ago! A very strong 5 out of 5!!!!

**Dave's only gripe was that he didn't get enough red Mike 'n' Ikes from the vending machine (see below).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pharaoh's Pizza (Indianola Ave and Arcadia, Columbus, OH)

Hype: Some of us have been there before. None of us remembered. Duffy put us up to giving it a real taste test so here we go...

Scene: Decorated with authentic relics of ancient Egypt, this shop is not as fucked up as its previous occupier. The space is roomy and clean. I don't remember any tables being in there. All I really remember are pizza ovens and artifacts from the land of the Pharaohs.

The Pie
Crust- What the fuck? Slice-it-yourself pizza? I had no idea that this was the custom in Egypt. Check out the above photo of Jim using his own slicer to carve up the flimsy crust. Bullshit! I guess this beats the cook-it-yourself 'pizza' at the bottom of the hill. Really weak stuff here. I did detect a very faint tone of garlic salt. The same kind I use at home. It was really tough to taste though.
Sauce- Weak. Not much of it. I didn't really taste it.
Cheese- I think we are dealing with Domino's "cheese food" on top of this pie. Ass.
Peps- Weak, flimsy, flavorless.

Overall: The pie was not necessarily bad. It just was in no way good. Not at all unbearable and might do well at a party. Really cheap. I guess there is a reason no one ever remembers eating this pizza. 2---5.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rotolo's Pizza, [1749 W. 5th Ave, Columbus OH]

Hype: All kinds of people talk this pizza up like its the fucking president or something. Anyway, we had to pick Jesse up from work because he got hit by an immigrant and his car was totaled so we were out on that end of town already. Dave asked if the pizza was ordered once every 2-3 minutes. WE WERE HUNGRY.

Scene: Mostly just a carry-out place. This is for on-the-go south Arlington, Grandview people that probably work a lot. Not much to say, soda cooler on one wall and a few chairs. Photos of the tradition on the wall: that's respectable.
The Pie
Crust- This crust is well-done, but not overcooked. Party-sized strips stay firm when held at the edges. Good crispness, but not saltined like Tommy's on Lane Ave. Very nice
Sauce- Here is the problem; it was not evenly distributed on the pie. It is traditional Columbus sauce: sweet with good doses of oregano, only on one side. Bummer.
Cheese- Very flavorful and tons of it. This was the highlight of the pizza. I don't remember this from previous outings to Rotolos. CHEESE LOVERS PIE!
Peps- Quarter-sized, thick-cut, a little cupping. Even the ones that were covered in tons of cheese had a good flavor. Plenty of 'em too.

Overall: This pie was a pleasant surprise and WE WERE SUPER HUNGRY. Dare I say this was a 5 out of 5 pie shop? Well it was yesterday. YES!

***Their theme song rules too!! Hear it here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planks Pizza (S. High St. in Brewery District)

Hype- People talk about it all the time. Some good, some bad. It was high time we tried it out officially. It should be noted that when you eat Planks Pizza your experience will be highly dependent on how good of a time you are having with all the beer and whatever else is going on that night. Here we were just catching lunch, so there you have it. Ya know?

Scene- A table of German Village tools were hitting on a table of German Village sluts next to us. Several families were under the roofed in area watching NASCAR or Baseball. I think it was baseball. I do like the patio. Not bad for a sunny afternoon.
The Pie
Crust- Very good. This and the sauce are the highlight of the pizza. Very well done. Crispy all the way through. Thin, like most pizzas in this town and sliced in party-squares.
Sauce- Sweet, sweet, sweet. If you don't like sweet sauces don't eat this pizza. We don't hate on any sauces so we were in to it.
Cheese- When the pie arrived with browned cheese on top I was ready to party, but this was disappointing. Relatively flavorless.
Peps- Large, but not in charge. Try a different topping maybe.

Overall: Somebody summed it up well: "this is drinking pizza." They were right. It is thin and understated. An affordable $11.50 for a large helps too. I think with a million toppings it would be good, but that won't help it in our study. A weak 3--5 pies. Overrated by many people that often have better taste. I guess this is proof that pizza is very contextual. When I'm drunk I often eat and enjoy Chef Boy-R-Dee. It's AWESOME.


The Cleveland Cavaliers are a forced to be reckoned with this spring.  So is Gattos Pizza!  We got together, as we always do, to cheer on Bron Bron, Big Z, and the crew and this time we added an extra TWIZT: a few boxes of one of Columbus, OH's finest pies. GATTOS.
Look at Jason enjoy the Vegetarian options available at GATTOS (corner of Kelso Rd and N. High Street, across from the grocery store).  The non-buddhists got Pep pies, and one of their specialties, the meatball pizza!!!  Holy fucking shit that was awesome.
The Cavs one.  Next time you are in Clintonville  and are looking to party stop by Gattos pizza for a slice of life.  This pizza is above our review.  Have a happy day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodfella's Pizza (Athens, OH)

Hype: Everyone with ties to Athens, OH talks this pizza up.  It is an OU mainstay and right down the street from the Union Bar; a place that knows how to put on a pretty good rock show. Bo Davis and I were ready to give this place a try.  Let's see what we find.

Scene: Little corner shop run by OU meathead assholes.  It has a few tables and two good benches out front.  Puke on the sidewalk out front adds a collegiate touch.  
The Pie
Crust- Terrible.  Underdone, bland, too doughy.  Just leave it in a little longer.  It wasn't that busy.  
Sauce-  Lots of oregano, which I usually like, but this shit sucked.  Dry to the point of being almost mealy and one-dimensional.  NO GOOD.
Cheese- Frozen
Peps- I didn't taste them, and if I had they couldn't have made up for how bad the dough was.  

Overall: Fuck this  pizza.  Laura B called it "SCROADY." which is some reference to a ball-sack.  Bo Davis was disgusted.  I was up with doughy stomach ache way past my bedtime.  I know this is Athens, late night pizza but even those who were drunk didn't like it.  Athens deserves better.  If you want pizza in this town go down to that place across from the Burrito Buggy.  We haven't had it but its probably better than this asslice.  A weak 2-5 pies simply for being pizza. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Profiles of Excellence: French Rockers- Happy Burger

We sat down and had a few slices with France's Happy Burger.  They like burgers, I guess, and pizza.  Weird.  CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

PS: So, France, huh? How is the pizza over there compared to the USA?
well we have italian pizza, which is good but not as good as in italy, but france is a better country so we still have the best deal. otherwise, we have dominos, pizza hut, and it taste the same as american's, and we love it.
PS: Burgers and pizza are both great party-foods. Do you have any other favorites?

PS: What is your favorite pizza place in France? Do they have patio seating like in the movies?
they mostly don't have patio and that's too bad. we don't have favorite pizza place, pizza is always good, except for turkish pizza, it taste gay.

PS: Yeah, there's a horrible place run by Middle Eastern people here in town called Al Pachino's. Horrible!  So, when you are just hanging out alone and you need some cheap and easy food, what is your 'go to' frozen pie? 
three cheese kicks ass, bolognaise or magarita, man it's like asking "who would you save from death? you mom or your grandma?" you just can't make a choice.

PS: Any plans for a USA PIZZA PARTY TOUR soon? 
not soon but maybe someday, then we will play a show, next day a pizza contest, then a show, then a pizza contest, and so on.

thank you very much.

Check out Happy Burger on myspace and order their record from Douchemaster.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dewey's Pizza (W. 5th Ave, Grandview 614-487-8282)

Hype: People have been telling us all about this place.  We've heard it was awesome, bad, expensive--all kinds of stuff.  We just had to slay this pie!!!!!!!!

Scene: It looked kinda like a fancy yuppified
 microbrew-serving bar/restaurant, but it wasn't too bad because you could see the guy hand tossing the crusts.  Lots of young girls working there, which could be a blessing or a curse.  The menu was filled with really fancy "gourmet" pizza combinations that I can't even remember but we aren't gay so we just got a 17" pepperoni.

Crust- New York Style Pizza!  Foldable, hand tossed, chewy, but slightly underdone.  A little crispness on the outside with a chewy crust would have made this crust perfect, rather than near-perfect.
Sauce- This was the highlight of the pie.  Sweet, strong oregano, small bits of tomato and all good.
Cheese- Nicely added, good flavor and highlighted the sauce well.
Peps- Low point of the pie.  Not bad at all though.  Thin and not very flavorful.  Maybe they spend too much time worrying about the prosciutto and artichokes.    

Overall: Great addition to the Columbus pizza scene.  This is a welcome alternative to Ohio-style shops that are all over the northwest end of town.  You should stop by!  As for price, not too bad.  The only reason it was too expensive when your parents took you there is the expensive pizza you ordered.  Our pep was normally priced.  STRONG 4 out of 5 pies!!!!!

***Party boyz: They serve beer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ange's Pizza (Karl road and 161, Columbus, OH 614-888-5767)

Hype: Dave drove past this place and said it smelled good the other day.  Sean Wright said he heard it was "good honest pizza."  That's about enough.  Oh, yeah, I think Wumme Wenders lives nearby.

Scene: Classic Columbus pizza restaurant feeling inside.  The Simpson's Arcade game in the back.  Lattice wall separating the carryout side from the dining room.  A family watching the Snoop-dog bio on E!  They left so we could watch basketball.  

The Pie
Crust- Saltine-style.  It got a little too soft f
rom the pep-oil, but very tolerable.  It was nicely browned on the edges.
Sauce- Typical of Columbus pies.  Sweet.  Hints of italian seasoning and a few, scarce bits of tomato skin.  Appropriate amount added.
Cheese- hearty amount.  A little tang and nicely browned in some areas.
Peps- lots of them.  Good cupping.  I don't always like cupping but with this pizza it worked.  Kinda thick cut and 

Overall: "Good, honest pizza" seems to be an excellent description of this pie.  A strong 4--5 on a bright spring day!  Check it out!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EXTREME WEINER'S Does Pizza (Cafe Bobo, Summit St. Columbus, OH)

Hype: We heard about X-Treme Weiners pizza a few nights ago and were intrigued. Why would a place that does good dogs try their hand at the other party-food? Didn't someone else give that a shot in the same store? We were up there the other night and gave it a shot.

Scene: Bourbon st. You know... self-delusional asshole musicians, bacterial art-gays, and other losers that have failed to come of age in a timely manner. We fit in fine, unfortunately. Its hot and smells funny. For those that have not been, its a bar.

The Pie:
Crust- Kinda thick, which could be nice but it was underdone and lacked oil, and general taste.
Sauce- Straight outta the can. I hope they spice it up a bit with red or hot pepper, and an entire can of italian seasoning. nice sweetness, let's take it further.
Cheese- Lots of it. It would be better if the pizza were cooked for 5 more minutes at a slightly higher temp.
Peps- Thin and 'alright'

Overall: We are rooting for this pizza but it is still in its infancy. If I were drunk at a party I might have sex with it in the ally. This pizza was ok. It will get better though. Go Weiner's: maybe a 3-5? I think if I were wasted at a show it would be 5--5.

Monday, March 9, 2009


We heard about a new shop in Grandview, but Dave was really impatient and I didn't know if I would make it out there alive without eating first so we went down to campus to visit an old standby.

Scene: It is small, kinda hot but classic. College-age kids working behind the counter. It's It's flying pizza--you know. It has a really strange picture on the wall:

The Pie:
Crust: Crispy. Not too thick, not too thin. Perfect.
Sauce: Sweet and tangy with some classic oregano hints.
Cheese: Plenty of it, but not over the top. might it be actual pizza cheese?
Peps: Salty, tasty and fine. Meatiness too.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Iacono's Pizza & Restaurant‎ [4452 Kenny Rd, Columbus, OH 614-451-0234]

Hype: We like NW Columbus-style thinner crust pie and we've only heard good things about these guys. Great name too.

Scene: Take out on one side full-on restaurant on the other. Check out the tables and old-school stuff on the walls. We watched some basketball while we waited.
Crust--Thin baby. Pretty good at that. This is Arlington. What else do they know around here?
Sauce--Sweet and as expected. Pretty tasty. Could be more exciting.
Cheese--They don't put enough on in this neighborhood. Someone needs to go to the Tri-Village Rotary meeting and bring this up.
Peps--Salty, crispy, damn nice.

Overall: We like it. Not amazing, but pretty fucking good stuff. BETTER THAN TOMMY'S MOTHERFUCKS. 4--5 pies!!!!!!!!!!