Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gumby's Pizza (2404 N High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 261-9800)

Hype: We got a request from that Sam Greghead guy to review Gumby's. We've had it before but never examined it with a pizzacritical eye. Trust me--expectations were appropriately low.

It was hot as fuck in there. It is across the street from the Blue Danube, decent neighborhood filled with post-students, drunks, stoners, and losers. We were surprised to find two pinball machines (one Pro Wrestling), and Zombie Raid, or some shit. One of those gun-shooting things. Nice touch!!!

The Pie:
Crust: Reminiscent of the old-school Donato's crust, but with smaller bubbles and a little less chewy. Very bland.
Sauce: Bland, boring. Nothing to say.
Cheese: If there was a highlight of this pie, this was it. Nothing to write home about, but a little flavor, and lots of it.
Pep: Boring and weak. Very little spice.

Overall: It's still pizza and it was cheap. 2 out of 5 pies!!! For late-night only.


sam said...

my roomate and i had gumby's last night too. we've actually been having it a lot lately, because it is so cheap. because i don't have a job or any money right now, i can really only experience pizza when people i know give it to me. it's actually made me appreciate gumby's more than i ever though i could. i would give it a 3 out of 5.

eat smokin joe's said...

I cannot believe this earned a 2. Should be a 1. You hand out pie ratings like they are going out of style. And I live in this area and take offense to your view of its residents.

kellie said...

"Bottom Shelf Pie"

cruise_elroy said...

get it well-done with extra sauce and onions. carryout only, it's like $7 for a 16". way worth it.

Spruce Campbell said...

When I was in college my mom gave me her credit card number to order some pizzas for me and my friends. We got 2 larges. She calls me a month later asking why she has a bill for 920 bucks from Gumby's over just a few days. Idiot was ringing in her numbers every time someone paid in cash. He might have gotten away with it if he hadn't charge 250 worth of pies in one hour. Dumbass. Since then, I've never went back. And it's known their pizza sucks, you go their for the Pokey Sticks.

Anonymous said...

Gumbys was once the shit, way back in the late 80s and early 90s. Sadly those days are long dead and now it's just shit. :(