Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catfish Biff's (W. 11th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43201--614-421-7421)

Remember when you lived on King ave. and partied until 4am six or seven nights a week? Down by 11th you had Appolo's, the other Gyro place in that building, Cluck-U, or Catfish for late-night mop-up duty--how times have changed. Regardless of what happened the night before I would try to catch the Catfish Biff's lunch special the next morning: two roni slices and a Dr. Pepper for $2.75. VALUE!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend they opened back up because the kids are back. This time we drove instead of walked. The picnic table is still there. Sluts are still sitting on the steps, QFM 96 is still blasting killer rock tunes, and that fucking idiot that was in my econ class is still the manager. It was a good time and the pizza is still pretty good. On a by-the-slice basis it is an incredible value.

We opted for an extra large pep pie. It doesn't need a review because the memories tasted better than the pizza. It merits your business. If you don't get drunk with young college students, start.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pizzano's Pizza and Stromboli (5875 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH - (614) 766-0000)

Hype: We weren't really planning on eating here or anything. We were up in Dublin, OH picking up something that you can only get there. We were going to get some pie in Grandview, but that will have to wait for another day. So we just saw it from the road. It was a stark contrast to the endless suburban shit.
Scene: Looks like they do a lot of carry-out and lunch. I bet the Stromboli and Gyros are popular with the Dublin officeguy set. Best party: Ms. Pac-man tabletop machine. Check it out...

The Pie:
Crust- Neither of us were impressed. Thin, not toasty. Bland. Perhaps purchased frozen from a supplier.
Sauce- Not so great. Bland.
Cheese- GREAT! Lots of it. The real deal. A little browned too.
Peps- Pretty good. Nothing to shit your pants over, but they were toasty, peppy and nice.

Overall: Not an impressive pie, but the cheese, peps, and Ms. Pac-man machine saved the day.
All in all we would rate this place as a 3--5 pie joint!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen Pizza Depression (71 W. Tulane Rd. Columbus, OH 43202)

Hype: We are poor. We are lazy. These two factors led us to forgo Gatto's, which would have been infinitely better, but at considerable cost. Plus, OSU was actually struggling against the Bobcats of Ohio University. Nobody was willing to go pick it up at a moment like this!!!

Scene: Partying: Saturday-afternoon- buckeye-style. The Big Ten Network is now on cable for the masses. Everyone is glad that we are not with the crowd at Brewsters- good once in a while, but not for routine.

Pie #1--
Frucheta (sp?) Brick oven style
Crust: When cooked as directed the crust actually crisps and has a sweetness to it. Not too bad.
Sauce: Also sweet. Some flavor. Not too much plastic wrap in its essence.
Cheese: Almost tastes like cheese.
Toppings: Good. Steve had a supreme and they were flavorful and pretty tasty.
Overall: Its a fucking frozen pizza. 1-5. Way better than pizza #2 though.

Pie #2--
Giant Eagle Rising Crust
Crust: Rose to about 1 inch thick. Somewhat of an overkill eh?
Sauce: Burnt the fucking shit out of the roof of my mouth. I could not wait. Dave too.
Cheese: Fuck this.
Peps: Soft, shitty. Flavorless. Bummer.
Overall: I could taste the savings, but we needed food and I got this one a few weeks ago for 2.50 a shot. Once in a while they get super-cheap so I stock up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-5 pies.

** If you have the opportunity to drink a few Coor's Lights, and eat 1 free pizza and one for $2.50 while watching OSU and partying with your pals, don't pass it up. But man, Gattos would have been SWEET!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pizza Plus Bexley (2651 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209 [237-3305])

Hype: People had been talking this up for a month. We had to see for ourselves. Not only that, but we hadn't slayed a pizza, together, in a while, so it only made sense to do it right. We had very high expectations going in and we were not disappointed!!!!

Scene: The shop has its own parking lot and looks like it could have been a donut shop at one point. Clean interior. The walls were covered in pictures of their pizza--we still haven't decided what to make of that. Lots of teenagers and families inside.

Crust- AWESOME!!! Crisp edges and underbelly. Airy and light on the inside. Thick. Slightly sweet. For the record, we agreed that we would have liked to see them make it just a little crisper, maybe another 1-2 minutes in the oven? Just saying!!!!!
Sauce- Just a little tangy. You can taste the dried "Italian Seasoning." Pretty good. Doesn't keep up with that awesome crust though.
Cheese- Good flavor, but not enough. We would like another 2oz on the pie please. It was good.
Peps- They were very good. Spicy, salty and delicious. On the pictures of their pizza they had on the walls they were crisped and folding up as well-done ronies do, ours were not, uncool.
OVERALL-This pie is damn good. We now see what all the hype is about. Maybe we were a little hard on it because the expectations were so high and the price matched--$15+ for a large pep. But it is good. A strong 4-5 pies!!!!!!!
**THEY SERVE BEER, but it is also a little pricey.
P.S. They have online coupons that aren't bad. go to their website. I forget the URL. Use google.