Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Talking Pizza with Johnny and the Limelites!

PS: Eat pizza recently? Tell us about it.
Chicago Pizza. They deliver until 5AM. We ordered there after this other place we tried to order from couldn't make the pizza because they RAN OUT OF CHEESE!!! That's how much we love pizza in Chicago!

PS: So, what’s your favorite pizza shop in Chicago?
For the cheap, quick, and good: Bacci's a sweet jam. For deep dish, Lou Malnati's is as good as it gets. Pequod's is also very good, and so is D'Agostino's. PIzza Metro has Sicilian slices and those are pretty good when you're in the mood. Giordano's, Gino's East....you could eat at a different pizza place every day of the year here!

PS: Any favorites in other cities?
Great question. Loui's in Detroit. Classic Slice in Milwaukee. Farotto's in St. Louis. East Side Pies in Austin. Bimbo's in Kalamazoo. Domino's in West Lafayette.

PS: What style of crust are you in to?
Another great question. The Detroit crust is semi-thick Sicilian style with burnt cheese all over it. Mwah! Also, the St. Louis crust is cracker thin, covered in provel cheese. You can eat a ton of it and still be able to party down. Real cities have their own styles of crust. As an American, it's something to feel good about.

PS: Chicago style is so famous. What do you like most about it?
You eat 1-2 slices, and you know that you have just eaten some peetz, no question about it. Also, since it fills you up so quickly, a large deep dish can be your meal for the next 2 days. It's the best tasting pizza coming out of your fridge the next day.

PS: Who serves the worst pizza that you know of?
Pizzeria Uno, in those rest stops along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It's embarrassing how low the Pizzeria Uno brand has sunk, since it's based in Chicago and all. But the worst pizza's better than the best broccoli. Let's get some perspective here.
PS: What do you think about the relationship between pizza, and partying?
Excellent question. You know you've had a wild party when you wake up the next day, and that pizza you ordered is spinning on your turntable. You know the party's in full swing when you got a slice in one hand, something to drink in the other, and Little Richard playing out the stereo.

PS: Toppings?
Oh yeah. Even anchovies.

PS: We’ve got friends that eat pizza like weirdos. They cut off most of the cheese first or pick off peps that are too well done. I hate that shit! Are any of your friends freaky pizza-eaters?
Our friend Mac Blackout makes pizza sandwiches. He cooks up 2 frozen pizzas, then stacks them on top of each other. He also invented a PIzza Castle. That's when you cook a Digiorno, a Tombstone, a Jack's, a Tony's, a Home Run Inn, a Totino's Party Pizza, pizza bagel bites, and then stick a bunch of pizza rolls all over it, vertically.

Thanks for the slice Johnny and the Limelites.
Stay tuned for interviews with Gattos Pizza, Adriatico's Pizza, and The Pizzas if they ever get back to us.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Day Partying

Hype: None really. It was snowing and kinda slick outside. We had nothing to do except not drive and watch football all day long. We tried Gattos but they don't open until later. Man that would have been good. We decided to order a large pie and a sub each to get us through the cold.

Scene: This place fucking sucks. It is really chainy and bright. I don't know how so many not-high looking people could all be working in a pizza shop. It is so weird in there.
Crust- We ordered the Garlic and Herb crust because it is tolerable. It was. Good spice rub, but still; nothing to get excited over.
Sauce- I can barely remember.
Cheese- Actually, this is pretty good. I think they use real cheese. You can taste the difference. Plenty of it too.
Peps- Not awful. Somewhat flavorful

Overall- If you live in range of Hungry Howies you should only get it if Gattos is not open. There is no comparison. 2-5. We had a really good time eating it and we were also really hungry, but this still couldn't elavate the pizza experience.

**Note: We also ate subs. Once again Howies does not come close to Gattos. In fact, Gattos has one of the best Italian or Meatball subs in Columbus.