Monday, July 14, 2008

Dante's Pizza (3586 Indianola Ave. , Columbus, OH)

Hype: Described by our friend Jason as the most Newark -like pizza in town, we were extremely hot to taste this pie!

Environment: 1. Wood Paneling(reminiscent of pizza joints in Newark) 2. Toppings visible next to the front counter upon entering the premises(let's you know what you're getting!) 3. Killer Jukebox!! Everything from Van Halen to REO Speedwagon. Even Foreigner was thrown into the mix! 4. Neon Miller Lite pizza slice sign. Totally Vintage!!!

THE PIE!!!: Crust-Hinze thought the crust was the best part. Toasty on the edges, yet a little chewy underneath the toppings. Nicely done!
Sauce - Lots of it! Very sweet, with lots of oregano, a hallmark of Newark pizza. Two thumbs up! Cheese - Lots!!! Good n' cheesy. Extremely filling.
Pep-Salty and a good amount of it. At least two per slice. A bit scorched in the oven, giving the pizza a more bacon-like flavor, adding a fine saltiness to the overall package.

RATING: 4 pies out of 5....Nice!!!

Note*** You can get pitchers of Bud/Bud Light for $7.40 if you like to party.

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Bo said...

Went to this place once and was very underwhelmed. Maybe I got a bad pie.
Also, you guys should try Bexley Pizza Plus, had an amazing pep and banana there.