Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ohio State Pizza (325 E Hudson St. Columbus, OH 43202, 268-8181)

Hype: We begin with a quiz. What's cooler-- punk rock or getting pizza? Punker Thursdays ordered two large peps from Ohio State pizza this evening. I'm still recovering from the festivities.

**Let me say this-- Seanzilla swears by this pie, but the rest of us had very low expectations.

Scene: It is delivery so I'll describe Punker Thursdays. I could hear it as I walked down the street. Canned beer, loud punk records and tapes, standing around-not sitting! The delivery guy was dressed like Fred Durst.

Crust: Thin. Crispy around the edges, but soft under the toppings. It could be folded like a taco as I hurried to get the next slice before it was consumed by the others.
Sauce: Surprisingly flavorful. I'm not saying it was great or anything but not too bad for a damn cheap punk-pizza.
Cheese: Lots of cheese. Full-flavored. Filled me up and slowed down the party as intended.
Peps!: Very good value. They actually had spice. Worlds beyond the shit we had from Gumby's the other night.

Overall: A good value. Punkest pizza in Columbus. It was foldable, cheap, pretty tasty, and have you seen the inside of the store. Punk. Not uniform agreement by the group, but, 3 out of 5 pies. Better than most of us expected. Certainly worth the money.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gumby's Pizza (2404 N High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 261-9800)

Hype: We got a request from that Sam Greghead guy to review Gumby's. We've had it before but never examined it with a pizzacritical eye. Trust me--expectations were appropriately low.

It was hot as fuck in there. It is across the street from the Blue Danube, decent neighborhood filled with post-students, drunks, stoners, and losers. We were surprised to find two pinball machines (one Pro Wrestling), and Zombie Raid, or some shit. One of those gun-shooting things. Nice touch!!!

The Pie:
Crust: Reminiscent of the old-school Donato's crust, but with smaller bubbles and a little less chewy. Very bland.
Sauce: Bland, boring. Nothing to say.
Cheese: If there was a highlight of this pie, this was it. Nothing to write home about, but a little flavor, and lots of it.
Pep: Boring and weak. Very little spice.

Overall: It's still pizza and it was cheap. 2 out of 5 pies!!! For late-night only.

Pizza House (747 E Lincoln Ave, Columbus, OH - (614) 885-3121)

Hype: Seanzilla claims that Pizza House is the best pie in Columbus. His pizza-taste is a little questionable as he dislikes Adriatico's and several other choice pies, but we'll give it a shot.

Scene: Very family-friendly. Very Classy, too!!!! White tile, glass brick, the kind of bar that your dad and your uncles frequent since the mid-seventies. Nicest staff in all pizza--guaranteed!!! Check out the pitcher of soda they gave Sean!

The Pie:
Crust--A little thicker than your standard thin-crust pizza. More air than many of Columbus's thin-crusts, but it is not a thick crust pie. Very interesting. VERY TASTY!!
Sauce--sweet and mildly spicy. Not too much, not too little. I think it allowed the crust and the pep to shine through.
Cheese--also kept to a minimum. Not to say that there wasn't enough though. A little browned and perfect.
Pep--Tons of pep. 4-5 per little square slice. Very spicy. Some soft, some toasted. Made the pie.

Pizza House is the shit. A surefire 5 out of 5!!!!
You must taste the pie!!!!!!!!!!

By the way: Full bar.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cardo's Pizza (2920 S High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 409-9229)

Last night we ate Cardo's Pizza

Hype: Jim and Sean said it was top notch--boy were they right!

Scene: It is pretty far south on High St. After a little culture shock we got in to it. Nice fishing themed pinball machine to master while you wait for the pie. No AC, so we were sweating our balls off. Local rednecks came in and out. Check out this exchange.

Chuck: "Hey pecker-wood"
Worker: "What's up Chuck?"
Chuck: "I'm drunk. Left the motorcycle at home-got the truck so I can bang shit up."

Chuck gets pizza and swerves out of the shop on foot.
Worker: "Careful sidewinder."

The Pie
Crust: Very crisp, both outside and under the toppings. Perfect!
Sauce: Underwealming.
Cheese: Bold and tangy. Also Perfect! Just the right amount. A little grease on top from the peps.
Pep: Made this pizza excellent!!! A little oily-dave likes. Very spicy and tons of it. Must get peps if you do this pie!!!!

Overall: There was some disagreement, but---> 5 out of 5 pies!! Great Pie! Worth the trip to the south side of town.

**No partying or hippies allowed in this shop!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dante's Pizza (3586 Indianola Ave. , Columbus, OH)

Hype: Described by our friend Jason as the most Newark -like pizza in town, we were extremely hot to taste this pie!

Environment: 1. Wood Paneling(reminiscent of pizza joints in Newark) 2. Toppings visible next to the front counter upon entering the premises(let's you know what you're getting!) 3. Killer Jukebox!! Everything from Van Halen to REO Speedwagon. Even Foreigner was thrown into the mix! 4. Neon Miller Lite pizza slice sign. Totally Vintage!!!

THE PIE!!!: Crust-Hinze thought the crust was the best part. Toasty on the edges, yet a little chewy underneath the toppings. Nicely done!
Sauce - Lots of it! Very sweet, with lots of oregano, a hallmark of Newark pizza. Two thumbs up! Cheese - Lots!!! Good n' cheesy. Extremely filling.
Pep-Salty and a good amount of it. At least two per slice. A bit scorched in the oven, giving the pizza a more bacon-like flavor, adding a fine saltiness to the overall package.

RATING: 4 pies out of 5....Nice!!!

Note*** You can get pitchers of Bud/Bud Light for $7.40 if you like to party.