Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sicilia's Pizza (22 E. Frambes Rd. Cols.,OH)

Hype:Jim and I were sitting around craving some pie late last week and we saw an ad for this new place called Jimmy's on Oakland Park. We called Jimmy, but the line rang busy for like 20 mins. When the phone actually starting ringing Jimmy wouldn't pick up, so we scanned the saver for some campus dogshit pizza and found this new place Sicilia's. Expectations were low considering this was the former location of some pretty awful pies,(the Funky Monkey, Shankoty's, etc.), but since the price was only $6.99 for a large 14" pie, we thought we'd take our chances.

Scene: We were drunk and it was late so we weren't driving anywhere and got delivery. Being located in the heart of campus you can pretty much guess what the scene was like.

The Pie:
As I previously noted, we ordered a 14" pie. Look at the photo above and notice how much smaller the pizza is then the 12" Living Color picture sleeve. We could have easily slid this pie into the record sleeve and had plenty of room to spare. Talk about shady, false advertising.
Crust: Alright actually. Although flimsy, it had a nice texture and was slightly crispy and a bit doughy. Prob. the pie's best feature.
Sauce: Pretty much non-existent. I did catch some hint of oregano, but there wasn't enough of it on the pie to judge. weak.
Cheese: Way too much. Gooey, stringy and overwhelming. If they had eased off on the cheese a little it would have been way better as it had a decent garlicy substance to it.
Peps: whoa. Don't know if you can tell by the picture, but they were strewn haphazardly about all over the pie. They were literally stacked together in some spots. Very poor distribution. Not much flavor either, just grease.
Overall: Although, this pie had some extremely weak points, it wasn't quite as bad as we expected. It tasted better with each successive slice and if it hadn't been 3-4 inches smaller than the size we ordered, it might have scored a low 3. Due to this fact, it scores a pretty solid 2. This pizza recommended for partying only.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Romo's Pizza (Henderson and Reed Rd, Upper Arlington)

Hype: Some guy told me about this pizza the other day while I was at work. He liked it and it was close by. I mentioned it to Dave while we were partying with this cat the other day so we decided to do some lunch.
Scene: It has one of the worst pizza locations in town. Its a quarter mile from both Iaconos, and Flying Pizza on Bethel. This is Arlington too, and we all know their love for Donotos. Inside, is a clean, well-lit, newish place with a few OSU football decortions on the walls.
The Pie
Crust- This shit was laced with insane amounts of garlic salt. I don't know if that is the Halal was of making pizza or something, but damn. It overpowered most of the other aspects of the pie; unfortunate.
Sauce- Not a whole lot of it. I did detect plenty of oregano through the cup of garlic sauce on the pizza.
Cheese- Decent, I think. It tasted real. They weren't shy about applying it either.
Peps- Pretty good too. They were fairly large and well applied. Nothing to write home about.

Overall: I hope these guys have something else on the menu that will keep them going, or they can do slice business real well because my car will steer itself to the other local shops instead. 3---5 pies. It's ok.