Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pizza Plus Bexley (2651 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209 [237-3305])

Hype: People had been talking this up for a month. We had to see for ourselves. Not only that, but we hadn't slayed a pizza, together, in a while, so it only made sense to do it right. We had very high expectations going in and we were not disappointed!!!!

Scene: The shop has its own parking lot and looks like it could have been a donut shop at one point. Clean interior. The walls were covered in pictures of their pizza--we still haven't decided what to make of that. Lots of teenagers and families inside.

Crust- AWESOME!!! Crisp edges and underbelly. Airy and light on the inside. Thick. Slightly sweet. For the record, we agreed that we would have liked to see them make it just a little crisper, maybe another 1-2 minutes in the oven? Just saying!!!!!
Sauce- Just a little tangy. You can taste the dried "Italian Seasoning." Pretty good. Doesn't keep up with that awesome crust though.
Cheese- Good flavor, but not enough. We would like another 2oz on the pie please. It was good.
Peps- They were very good. Spicy, salty and delicious. On the pictures of their pizza they had on the walls they were crisped and folding up as well-done ronies do, ours were not, uncool.
OVERALL-This pie is damn good. We now see what all the hype is about. Maybe we were a little hard on it because the expectations were so high and the price matched--$15+ for a large pep. But it is good. A strong 4-5 pies!!!!!!!
**THEY SERVE BEER, but it is also a little pricey.
P.S. They have online coupons that aren't bad. go to their website. I forget the URL. Use google.


Anonymous said...

Hinze- I'm glad that this pie lived up to your expectations! Just to let you know, you can order the pie "well done" to get it a little crisper. AMAZING, RIGHT? I also know that you can order it with extra sauce, so I'm guessing you could do an extra cheese order if you wanted to....

just sayin'.


relevant keeler said...

for the luvva mike, visit rubino's! it's just down the street from pizza plus.

elissa said...

Seriously, I work at a place where they buy us lunch with reckless abandon. Pizza Plus is our jam, especially on the company dime. Also entirely agree about Plaza in Newark; fuck yes.

Bo said...

rubino's is like sauce and cheese on a cracker. pizza plus reminds me of the original Cardo's in Waverly.