Friday, February 27, 2009

Iacono's Pizza & Restaurant‎ [4452 Kenny Rd, Columbus, OH 614-451-0234]

Hype: We like NW Columbus-style thinner crust pie and we've only heard good things about these guys. Great name too.

Scene: Take out on one side full-on restaurant on the other. Check out the tables and old-school stuff on the walls. We watched some basketball while we waited.
Crust--Thin baby. Pretty good at that. This is Arlington. What else do they know around here?
Sauce--Sweet and as expected. Pretty tasty. Could be more exciting.
Cheese--They don't put enough on in this neighborhood. Someone needs to go to the Tri-Village Rotary meeting and bring this up.
Peps--Salty, crispy, damn nice.

Overall: We like it. Not amazing, but pretty fucking good stuff. BETTER THAN TOMMY'S MOTHERFUCKS. 4--5 pies!!!!!!!!!!