Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ohio State Pizza (325 E Hudson St. Columbus, OH 43202, 268-8181)

Hype: We begin with a quiz. What's cooler-- punk rock or getting pizza? Punker Thursdays ordered two large peps from Ohio State pizza this evening. I'm still recovering from the festivities.

**Let me say this-- Seanzilla swears by this pie, but the rest of us had very low expectations.

Scene: It is delivery so I'll describe Punker Thursdays. I could hear it as I walked down the street. Canned beer, loud punk records and tapes, standing around-not sitting! The delivery guy was dressed like Fred Durst.

Crust: Thin. Crispy around the edges, but soft under the toppings. It could be folded like a taco as I hurried to get the next slice before it was consumed by the others.
Sauce: Surprisingly flavorful. I'm not saying it was great or anything but not too bad for a damn cheap punk-pizza.
Cheese: Lots of cheese. Full-flavored. Filled me up and slowed down the party as intended.
Peps!: Very good value. They actually had spice. Worlds beyond the shit we had from Gumby's the other night.

Overall: A good value. Punkest pizza in Columbus. It was foldable, cheap, pretty tasty, and have you seen the inside of the store. Punk. Not uniform agreement by the group, but, 3 out of 5 pies. Better than most of us expected. Certainly worth the money.


Mr. Icepicc said...

I still say that shit sucks... I don't like hep C and scabes as pizza toppings. I think its more of a hillbilly pizza than a punk pizza.

b.miller said...

It's only good if you order it with a side of mini-corndogs. I'm not kidding.

sam said...

i wasn't even there for the pizza, but i did get yelled at like i was on 13th ave.

cruise_elroy said...

i worked there for like three days. they just 'rotate' the moldy cheese under the newer not-green cheese. almost as disgusting as the employees.

Spruce Campbell said...

Oh god. I walked in there once to pick up a pizza and man that place looks trashy. Then the head old guy starts yelling "We got an undercover, hide the pot," as soon as I walked in the door. Kind of weirded me out. And thanks Cruise, I think you ruined that place for good.

georgeforemansgrill said...

nope. value. always order it well done and you've got pizza gold.

Anonymous said...

Great, cheap pie...always good service and awsome crust...also deliver beer til 3am!!! How cool is that!