Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John's Pizza (2104 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647)

Hype: We at Pizza Slayer know nothing of 'Chicago Deep Dish.' Would it be fair for us to judge? So we didn't. Our friend told us of Chicago's best thin, John's.

Scene: In a semi-trendy neighborhood (we could tell by the number of girls on bikes, white-T's, Jorts, etc.) this shop is family owned all the way. I think three generations were working while we were there. Remember the Chicago Bear's Super Bowl Shuffle? It was playing on the box!!!

Crust- Nice! Crisp edges, somewhat soft underbelly. Thin.
Sauce-Impressive, but sweet and pretty good with noticeable amount of oregano.
Cheese- Too much. It had a pretty good flavor, but too much.
Pep- Consistently soft. Salty and under the cheese!!! I could hardly taste it.

Overall: A pretty good pie. I would come here if it were in Columbus AND...They didn't misplace the peps. The only reason this should be done is if you are making Pizza Casarole. Just because you are in Chicago doesn't mean you have to fuck up your pizza.
3-5 pies. 1 pie deduction for fucking up the pep-placement.


Mr. Icepicc said...

I've been waiting for you to write about Chi-town pizza... Thats a real pizza city! Gotta try the deep dish next time. Its pizza as art. No kidding.

Pizza Steve said...

Chicago Deep Dish is overrated! Especially that bullshit Giordanos! Not to mention you can't get a pizza place in the entire city to deliver downtown after 1AM - WEAK!

Anonymous said...

RE: No Late Night Pizza
Such horse shit! Ranalli's is open from 8am-5am.You can get lots delivered late in Chicago. Even Milwaukee has places open til 3AM.