Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Talking Pizza with the Coconut Coolouts!!!!

PS: Eat pizza recently? Tell us about it.
Always. We are always...ALWAYS eating pizza. For real. The last pizza was a thin crust Red Baron frozen pizza. Pepperoni. Very very good. That and those " Totino's party pizzas" are the best frozen pizzas. Crispy and good to eat...and cheap. The last take out pizza/restaurant pizza was Northlake Pizza here in Seattle,WA. It's an awesome joint with tons of cheese on the pizza....the black olives are chopped and the pepperoni is small and thick.

PS: So, what’s your favorite pizza shop in Seattle?

We like Olympia Greek Style Pizza, Northlake Pizza, A New York Pizza Place (they also make a delicious frozen pizza), Padrino's (they deliver late), Stacia's (gourmet pizza....cream cheese and pepperoni..mmm.), and Bill's Off Broadway.

PS: Any favorites in other cities?
Um...any city that has a good pizza buffet. Oh. Austin,Texas...Mangia, Conan's, and Double Dave's.

PS: What style of crust are you in to?
We like thin and crispy...but we do love a Chicago style deep dish.

PS: What about Chicago Style? Any thoughts on regional pizza varieties?
See the last answer. As far as regional pizza...all pizza is good pizza. It's like that saying....."Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good". Pizza is Vancouver is good and cheap...if you catch our drift.

PS: Who serves the worst pizza that you know of?
I don't know. Once in Richmond, Virginia I had a real terrible piece. It was from some chain store. Sbarros is a good example of kinda bad pizza. Mall pizza. We'd still eat it. Again see the respone to that last question.

PS: What do you think about the relationship between pizza, and partying?
They need each other. the are both crucial to a good time. They are both fun! Ask any party animal. Ask 'em.."What is your favorite food?" I bet they say pizza. Or burgers, or hot dogs. But, we bet nine times outta's PIZZA.
Pizza and partying go hand in hand. Hot dogs, too. Our buddy Justin made us a hot dog pizza. It had chili for the sauce, cheese, onions, and cut up hot dogs on it....oh, mustard, too.

PS: Toppings?
Pepperoni, cheese, cream cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions, meatballs, hamburger, hot dogs, peppers, jalepenos,
mushrooms, canadian bacon, bacon, you know....almost anything



Inhuman Eating Machine said...

Love this blog! I'm gonna do a pizza session on my own blog soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Adding you to my fave blog list for sure.

Party Gabe said...

Pizza, Parties, and the Coconut Coolouts? Truly, the stars have aligned.

Anonymous said...

i dont' know about these dudes' taste in pizza...

Coolouts said...

What's your issue with our taste in pizza?


whitney "the torch" said...

You guys forgot Ruby's sacred Mr Gatti's buffet!


Anonymous said...

Get a load a these jerkoids!!!

Pete-Za Party said...

Whats up, buttholes?? i for one have to say that I don't really like Chicago-style pizza. That stuff is like a casserole!!! But you know what? I'd still eat it because I LOVE THE PIZZA!!! Why, just the other night I was stuffing my face with it. BTW, Peronal and the Pizzas are Coolout-approved, dudez.

Much love,


Steve said...

Yo, just chiming in to say 7-Inch Slam is down with this site. Y'all should come to Pittsburgh and fuck up some Mineo's with me.

PS: Trade links, yo!

Mr. Icepicc said...

Glad to see you guys are still chowing down! I've been too and let me tell you something: NYC pizza by the slice is not all that it's cracked up to be. I think you need to come out, visit and expose the truth!

coconut said...

I am going to shoot myself with a pizza cannon. Hey also check out Johnny and the Limelites. Google 'em. You should interview them about pizza.


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog and found it while eating a fucking pizza too. Whadda the chances a that? Bought a 14" frozen and stuck my own pepperoni on there with extra cheese and oil. Little fucker was done in 15 minutes. Nice to read an interview with a band who have their priorities straight

Anonymous said...

I live in the northwest area. Best pizza in town:

Enrico's Pizza
5788 Frantz Rd
Dublin, OH 43016
Phone: (614) 766-6900

It is a small shop in a strip mall next to a Kinko's and a Bonefish Grill. It is the best in Columbus.

Keep slaying that shit and writing it up! Mangi Mangi!

Megan said...

It'd be great if the Coconut Coolouts made it through Columbus, and if you bring Little Claw, I'll bring the pizza!