Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Day Partying

Hype: None really. It was snowing and kinda slick outside. We had nothing to do except not drive and watch football all day long. We tried Gattos but they don't open until later. Man that would have been good. We decided to order a large pie and a sub each to get us through the cold.

Scene: This place fucking sucks. It is really chainy and bright. I don't know how so many not-high looking people could all be working in a pizza shop. It is so weird in there.
Crust- We ordered the Garlic and Herb crust because it is tolerable. It was. Good spice rub, but still; nothing to get excited over.
Sauce- I can barely remember.
Cheese- Actually, this is pretty good. I think they use real cheese. You can taste the difference. Plenty of it too.
Peps- Not awful. Somewhat flavorful

Overall- If you live in range of Hungry Howies you should only get it if Gattos is not open. There is no comparison. 2-5. We had a really good time eating it and we were also really hungry, but this still couldn't elavate the pizza experience.

**Note: We also ate subs. Once again Howies does not come close to Gattos. In fact, Gattos has one of the best Italian or Meatball subs in Columbus.

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Party Gabe said...

This is total Re-pizza!! You already slew Howie's on August 6th. Did you simply forget what a sub-par pie it was? Or are you running out of ideas?