Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pizza House (747 E Lincoln Ave, Columbus, OH - (614) 885-3121)

Hype: Seanzilla claims that Pizza House is the best pie in Columbus. His pizza-taste is a little questionable as he dislikes Adriatico's and several other choice pies, but we'll give it a shot.

Scene: Very family-friendly. Very Classy, too!!!! White tile, glass brick, the kind of bar that your dad and your uncles frequent since the mid-seventies. Nicest staff in all pizza--guaranteed!!! Check out the pitcher of soda they gave Sean!

The Pie:
Crust--A little thicker than your standard thin-crust pizza. More air than many of Columbus's thin-crusts, but it is not a thick crust pie. Very interesting. VERY TASTY!!
Sauce--sweet and mildly spicy. Not too much, not too little. I think it allowed the crust and the pep to shine through.
Cheese--also kept to a minimum. Not to say that there wasn't enough though. A little browned and perfect.
Pep--Tons of pep. 4-5 per little square slice. Very spicy. Some soft, some toasted. Made the pie.

Pizza House is the shit. A surefire 5 out of 5!!!!
You must taste the pie!!!!!!!!!!

By the way: Full bar.


jim said...

not so sure about the full bar...it was in the rec room with the big screen tv. mostly bottled beer, SOME liquor, and maybe some pucker or triple sec. totally awesome, nevertheless.

adam said...

evil andy ellis!

sam said...

adam already said what i was going to say, but i will add this:

jim and i both agree that pizza house is the best sit down pizza experience BAR NONE. the pizza is great, not the best, but if you want to eat pizza in the restaurant, IT HAS TO BE PIZZA HOUSE.

L. Keeler said...

yes, evil andy ellis alone makes me want to go there. sam don't know shit.

Elenamary said...

OMG! i cant believe James is alive! where has he been?