Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meisters' Pizza, Chambers Road, Columbus, OH

Hype: We hadn't been out to do a new pizza in quite a while so we really wanted to get this one right.  Meister's has been on our radar since Dave and Jeff went for it last year and said good things.

Scene: It's in a bar in Grandview by a bunch of apartments.  We typically aren't big fans of anything Grandview, but occasionally good things happen there.  I liked the bar: pool tables, dart boards and a pizza shop.  They did have soccer on the television while perfectly good basketball was on another channel though.
The Pie
Crust- while it is cut in to party slices, and we elected to have the "traditional" crust instead of deep dish (not our focus here), it was pretty thick and airy.  Typically, thicker crusts lack crisps but Meister's still had it.  Crunchy bottom yet thick.  Nicely done.
Sauce- very sweet.  Lots of oregano and garlic.  I liked it a little better with a touch of crushed red pepper.  Dave liked it straight, I think.  Either way it was good.
Cheese- liberally applied and pretty solid.  More in the middle than towards the edges.
Peps- Good.  A little pooling, not super spicy or too abundant, but very solid.
Overall- it grew on us the more we ate.  I was the most skeptical of the group, but quickly warmed up to it.  It is a very good place to hang out and the pizza is competitive with its neighbors.  Chambers and NW Blvd has two other great pizza shops so congrats to all of the people over there. Solid 4/5 pies!!!