Monday, January 24, 2011

NYPD-New York Pizza Dept. (1644 N. High St.) OSU campus

Hype: We heard about this new place on campus near the gateway that had just opened and sold slices. It had been a year or so since we went for campus pie, so we figured we'd give it a try. Expectations weren't too high, but you never know, maybe there would finally be a worthy south campus rival to Catfish Biff's.

Scene: Located in the former location of the record store Singing Dog. Remember that place? Me neither. it sucked. Inside there were like 30 people of mixed ethnic backgrounds working in the kitchen, none of them Italian looking. Place was spacious and had a coffee bar off to the side. Huh?

Pie: First off, the slices were luke warm at best, so right off the bat this pie had a bunch of strikes against it.

Crust: not bad. probably the best feature of the pie. crispy, somewhat flavorful, but nothing mind blowing. just not bad.
Cheese: Dry, bland, not to mention cold. Was like it had been sitting in someone's car all night after partying too much at Ugly Tuna.
Peps:I really don't remember.
Sauce: couldn't detect any seasonings or anything else to warrant it a positive rating. think it was there though.

Overall: Slightly better than the Smith's pie we had last week. At least the crust wasn't as flaccid as that shit. If the slices had actually been hot, this pizza might have been alright, but I might as well have been eating left over slices from my fridge from any mediocre chain place. For a Grand Opening, this place really fucked up. Kind of the Singing Dog of pizzas. 2---5 pies just for being pizza.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Smith's Restaurant & Deli (3737 North High Street--Clintonville)

Hype: They have a big Pizza sign in the window. I went for sandwiches a long time ago and it was ok. Now to try the pizza.

Scene: Deli mostly. We saw a really funny looking square guy in OSU stuff and mom jeans. That was the best part...except the fountain pitcher of Pepsi; that was good.

Crust- Sucked. Dave questioned its sexuality. I was offended by his comments.
Sauce- I can't remember.
Cheese- ok.
Peps- Useless.

Overall: This pizza is totally lame. do not eat Smith's Pizza unless you are really hard up for pie.
2---5. It's still pizza. Its really not even worth writing about though.