Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jet's Pizza(39 S. Telegraph Rd. Pontiac, MI or 3858 Main St. Hilliard,OH)

Hype: There simply was none. I had never even planned on eating this stuff in my life because it looked like horrible chain pizza.

Scene: Okay, here's the scoop. Played a show in Detroit(actually Pontiac, a part of the area)which was located in this huge building with like two or three floors and a thousand rooms or something. Next to the bar, there was this kooky halloween party going on with middle-aged business men, weird party people in costumes and young babes. After playing i tried to sneak in, but security promptly booted me out, telling me it was a private party. About an hour later when it looked like things were dying down, i drunkenly stumbled back in and headed straight for the food table where some blondes in tight clothing served me free breadsticks and hot slices. The score of a lifetime.

The Pie:

Crust: Nice and filling. Thick,heavy Adriatico's style, but dare i say better?
Cheese: Tons. Super tasty and flavorful. Chewy and Thick. Hit the spot. Also,much like the aforementioned Adriatico's. On a level, yo.
Sauce: Good stuff, tangy and tart.
Pep: Nice large slices, just enough grease. Really made the rest of the pizza shine.
Overall: Alright, here's the deal, this pizza was delicious, but due to the circumstances of the evening i may have to reevaluate this pizza because A. I was pretty drunk, B. hadn't eaten dinner C. it was free and D. was served to me by girls. Right now it stands as a 5 out of 5 pie pizza,but I plan on trying to make it out to the Hilliard location asap just to make sure that it lives up to the repuation of that night. There is also the off chance that this pizza may be better in Detroit since i believe this is where the chain began. You know, like Cincinnati's Adriatico's doesn't hold a candle to Columbus' Adriatico's. Shit's weird that way man.

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Jerad said...

That place looks like a front for a happy ending massage parlor.