Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catfish Biff's (W. 11th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43201--614-421-7421)

Remember when you lived on King ave. and partied until 4am six or seven nights a week? Down by 11th you had Appolo's, the other Gyro place in that building, Cluck-U, or Catfish for late-night mop-up duty--how times have changed. Regardless of what happened the night before I would try to catch the Catfish Biff's lunch special the next morning: two roni slices and a Dr. Pepper for $2.75. VALUE!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend they opened back up because the kids are back. This time we drove instead of walked. The picnic table is still there. Sluts are still sitting on the steps, QFM 96 is still blasting killer rock tunes, and that fucking idiot that was in my econ class is still the manager. It was a good time and the pizza is still pretty good. On a by-the-slice basis it is an incredible value.

We opted for an extra large pep pie. It doesn't need a review because the memories tasted better than the pizza. It merits your business. If you don't get drunk with young college students, start.


Doug said...

Biff's rules. Park Hall 98.

Glad to see you guys are letting Watson come along every once in a while too.

watson said...

it's like i was almost there!

Mr. Icepicc said...

good drunk food: the LaBamba's of pizza!

BJ said...

I used to buy my smokes there. Steeb Hall, '99. My roommate bought me pity pizzas from there when I cashed in my student meal plan at the beginning of the quarter and blew all the money on a guitar with three humbuckers and drugs. Good shit.

Anonymous said...

many... many memories stumbling home and getting Biff's!

JD - Seibert Hall '85

Josi Bunder said...

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