Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cardo's Pizza (2920 S High St, Columbus, OH - (614) 409-9229)

Last night we ate Cardo's Pizza

Hype: Jim and Sean said it was top notch--boy were they right!

Scene: It is pretty far south on High St. After a little culture shock we got in to it. Nice fishing themed pinball machine to master while you wait for the pie. No AC, so we were sweating our balls off. Local rednecks came in and out. Check out this exchange.

Chuck: "Hey pecker-wood"
Worker: "What's up Chuck?"
Chuck: "I'm drunk. Left the motorcycle at home-got the truck so I can bang shit up."

Chuck gets pizza and swerves out of the shop on foot.
Worker: "Careful sidewinder."

The Pie
Crust: Very crisp, both outside and under the toppings. Perfect!
Sauce: Underwealming.
Cheese: Bold and tangy. Also Perfect! Just the right amount. A little grease on top from the peps.
Pep: Made this pizza excellent!!! A little oily-dave likes. Very spicy and tons of it. Must get peps if you do this pie!!!!

Overall: There was some disagreement, but---> 5 out of 5 pies!! Great Pie! Worth the trip to the south side of town.

**No partying or hippies allowed in this shop!


Pizza Steve said...

I worry that your pie rating is skewed. You're setting the bar oftly high. Is every place gonna be a 4 or 5 pie out of pie? Shouldn't a 5 out of 5 pie be like the best place in town? Maybe you just love pizza so much it takes away from your ability to be objective? If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I guess I just want to make sure my Pizza Slayer is being critical enough. That way I won't be dissappointed when I drive all over this town to eat some so-so pie.

Hinze said...

Good point. Please remember, we only seek out the finest pie! All of the places we attend are recommended by pals. Note the 'Hype' section. We run in a pizza fueled crowd, so we get some good tips. If you like, you can ask us to review a shop, and we'll do it!

Bo said...

I used to work at the Cardo's in Waverly for like 2 years. Gained 30 pounds there and never lost it. It's still the best Cardo's I've ever had. They're all kind of different.

kellie said...

Do NOT, I repeat: DO NOT go with a vegetarian to this establishment. We ordered one vegpie and one meatlovers, and the vegpie--though there was over half the pizza left-- didn't even have any interested parties for a pizza draft. I felt like spelling out"this sucks" with olive, onion and b-peps.

kellie said...

Oh, and also, the place should get high marks for it's columbus music paraphanalia on the walls. Lots of godz stuff, if I remember correctly. Possibly a signed Lou Reed glossy?