Friday, October 3, 2008

Panzera's Pizza (1354 Grandview Ave., Columbus,OH, 43212)

Hype: Everyone seems to like this place. Ate here several years ago but never really with a pizza critical view in mind.

Scene: Nice patio to enjoy your pie on while catching a nice breeze, tho there's no place to eat inside. What does one do in the winter when they want to eat their pie fresh from the oven? hmmm. something to consider. This place could not be reviewed when its cold outside.

The Pie:

Crust: Damn solid. Chewy, firm, not burnt in the least.
Sauce: Great and tangy, seasoned well with some definite oregano flavoring going on.
Cheese: Decent. Not enough though. Biggest complaint of this pie was that it could have used some more cheese on top.
Peps: Oh yeah, this was the high point of the slaying. Flavorful with hints of grease, but not too much. They curled up nicely on the pie, given a nice aesthetic value to the presentation.

Overall: Good stuff here. 4 out of 5 pies. A strong 4 at that.


Hinze said...

Fuck you. Assslayer.

Pizza Steve said...

If you guys had any balls you'd review Josie's Pizza on West Broad! Tough neighborhood - helluva pie!

Party Gabe said...

You can tell this isn't a Hinze entry. No all caps. No gratuitous use of the exclamation point.

Rich Elias said...
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