Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EXTREME WEINER'S Does Pizza (Cafe Bobo, Summit St. Columbus, OH)

Hype: We heard about X-Treme Weiners pizza a few nights ago and were intrigued. Why would a place that does good dogs try their hand at the other party-food? Didn't someone else give that a shot in the same store? We were up there the other night and gave it a shot.

Scene: Bourbon st. You know... self-delusional asshole musicians, bacterial art-gays, and other losers that have failed to come of age in a timely manner. We fit in fine, unfortunately. Its hot and smells funny. For those that have not been, its a bar.

The Pie:
Crust- Kinda thick, which could be nice but it was underdone and lacked oil, and general taste.
Sauce- Straight outta the can. I hope they spice it up a bit with red or hot pepper, and an entire can of italian seasoning. nice sweetness, let's take it further.
Cheese- Lots of it. It would be better if the pizza were cooked for 5 more minutes at a slightly higher temp.
Peps- Thin and 'alright'

Overall: We are rooting for this pizza but it is still in its infancy. If I were drunk at a party I might have sex with it in the ally. This pizza was ok. It will get better though. Go Weiner's: maybe a 3-5? I think if I were wasted at a show it would be 5--5.


JAF said...

I like it so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. also, can I say how cool is is that my "word verification" was 'fored'. That is fucking cool. -jerad

JAF said...

just to make sure how cool that last word verification was, this wan is bentxqxf. WTF? see it was special.

Anonymous said...

I trust your pizza reviews however X-W pizza sucks ballsssssssss. no more friend reviews K?

iyiyiyi said...

I would try it just because I think the xw boys are nice and cute.