Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hudson Street Pizza (Hudson St, Just East of I-71)

Hype: I was driving by the other day and saw it--looked kinda promising, but one must use caution when eating pizza next to inter sate highways. In my experience, the less convenient, the better. Though I'm sure there are countless exceptions to this rule.

Scene: There was a huge "Impressionism" poster about impressionism. People of different ethnic back rounds were all working there, together--I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying that this not typical of family-run pizza shops, where usually everyone is related or look like they could be cousins. At this shop there was a white lady, a black lady, and a Mediterranean guy all working there. Hey, maybe they are all cousins--after all, it is the '90s.
The Pie
Crust- Home made. I mean, home made. It tasted like my Aunt Ellen made it. Actually this was somewhat charming and may be the highlight of the pie.
Sauce- Very bland. Very canned. Not memorable at all.
Cheese- heavily applied and not bad. Not great at all.
Peps- Weak, thin, flat, tasteless and shameful.

Overall- Slice one--mediocre in every way. Slice two- not that good. Slice three- lame. Slice four- pizza regret. I would not recommend getting this pie with Clintonville Primo right up the street. Maybe if we were partying harder it would have changed things. 2--5.

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