Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planks Pizza (S. High St. in Brewery District)

Hype- People talk about it all the time. Some good, some bad. It was high time we tried it out officially. It should be noted that when you eat Planks Pizza your experience will be highly dependent on how good of a time you are having with all the beer and whatever else is going on that night. Here we were just catching lunch, so there you have it. Ya know?

Scene- A table of German Village tools were hitting on a table of German Village sluts next to us. Several families were under the roofed in area watching NASCAR or Baseball. I think it was baseball. I do like the patio. Not bad for a sunny afternoon.
The Pie
Crust- Very good. This and the sauce are the highlight of the pizza. Very well done. Crispy all the way through. Thin, like most pizzas in this town and sliced in party-squares.
Sauce- Sweet, sweet, sweet. If you don't like sweet sauces don't eat this pizza. We don't hate on any sauces so we were in to it.
Cheese- When the pie arrived with browned cheese on top I was ready to party, but this was disappointing. Relatively flavorless.
Peps- Large, but not in charge. Try a different topping maybe.

Overall: Somebody summed it up well: "this is drinking pizza." They were right. It is thin and understated. An affordable $11.50 for a large helps too. I think with a million toppings it would be good, but that won't help it in our study. A weak 3--5 pies. Overrated by many people that often have better taste. I guess this is proof that pizza is very contextual. When I'm drunk I often eat and enjoy Chef Boy-R-Dee. It's AWESOME.


Party Gabe said...

So wait... is this the same place as planks beer garten? or wut?

Ron said...

I maintain that Plank's on Parsons is infinitely superior to the one on High. It's definitely worth checking out.

DeVille said...

Yeah you gotta hit up Plank's on Parsons

robert said...

i like it!!!
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