Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hospital Pizza: Riverside Methodist Hospital

Hype: I had not really had anything meaningful to eat in about a day. They brought her meals all the time but totally left me hanging!?!?!?!?!? Daddy was hungry so I ducked out to find the cafeteria.

Scene: Lots of people wearing scrubs, lab coats, mixed with rednecks and office dorks. These are not the office dorks of the Short North that wear ties late at night to attract shallow women. These are real, dorky, dorks--like IT guys. Also there are babies, and lots of hallways. Oh yeah, the pie was made by an Asian dude, from Asia. He could not be The President. I'm just sayin.

The Pie
Crust- It was kinda chewy with some air bubbles. Pretty well cooked. No complaints in this department.
Sauce- Flavorless and dried out. I bet this pie had been sitting out for several hours before I got to it.
Cheese- Bland. Boring. There was some of it on there but it added nothing.

Peps- They had other mystery meat on there too. None of it was flavorful at all. I could not tell what it was.

Overall: I was not in the hospital for the pizza. I was afraid of the fish, so I just went with the least worst option. It was pretty bad, but as they say, 'Pizza is like sex. Even when it is bad, it's still good.' 2--5 BYOB.


relevant keeler said...

congratulations on yr new pizza!

SaucyVixen said...

You've obviously never had really bad sex.