Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hound Dogs Pizza (The Happy Hour Deal?!?!?!?)

Hype: Somebody told us that Ravari Room/ Houndogs was getting their happy hour shit back together. Here is the deal: we used to go in their all the time--dollar beers, $5 pizzas, Lord of The Rings pinball, and darts. Then things got more and more expensive so we stopped. Let's see if they recaptured some of their glory.
Scene: It's still Houndogs and the Ravari room. Don't get me wrong, but they do have pool tables, pinball, terrible music playing, and darts.

The Pie
Crust- we got smokin' joes. Garlic-butter-herb thickish, chewy crust. Airy in the middle, golden brown. Its all good.
Sauce- Sweet, not spicey. Hints of italian herbs. Does not stand out.
Cheese- Its real. Good tanginess. Lots of it.
Peps- spicey and slightly cupped, but not on all. Fulfilling.

Overall: This is not just a deal...IT'S A STEAL. 10 bucks for a pizza and pitcher of beer. Give it a try. You can get it on either side of the bar. We give this a very strong 4 out of 5 pies.


Bo Davis said...

Hinze, hit me up on your next trip to Hounddogs. it's been a while.

Kellie said...

Dear lord, I'm jealous.