Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goodfella's Pizza (Athens, OH)

Hype: Everyone with ties to Athens, OH talks this pizza up.  It is an OU mainstay and right down the street from the Union Bar; a place that knows how to put on a pretty good rock show. Bo Davis and I were ready to give this place a try.  Let's see what we find.

Scene: Little corner shop run by OU meathead assholes.  It has a few tables and two good benches out front.  Puke on the sidewalk out front adds a collegiate touch.  
The Pie
Crust- Terrible.  Underdone, bland, too doughy.  Just leave it in a little longer.  It wasn't that busy.  
Sauce-  Lots of oregano, which I usually like, but this shit sucked.  Dry to the point of being almost mealy and one-dimensional.  NO GOOD.
Cheese- Frozen
Peps- I didn't taste them, and if I had they couldn't have made up for how bad the dough was.  

Overall: Fuck this  pizza.  Laura B called it "SCROADY." which is some reference to a ball-sack.  Bo Davis was disgusted.  I was up with doughy stomach ache way past my bedtime.  I know this is Athens, late night pizza but even those who were drunk didn't like it.  Athens deserves better.  If you want pizza in this town go down to that place across from the Burrito Buggy.  We haven't had it but its probably better than this asslice.  A weak 2-5 pies simply for being pizza. 


Anonymous said...

sugarbear had the slice across from the burrito buggy. he has plenty to say.

Brooke LaValley said...

You should've tried the pizza at neighboring bar Jackie O's, they make the dough with the spelt grain left from brewing their own beer.

Catherine said...

Goodfellas used to be great. In 2005 they sold it to someone else and they ruined it. Tragic. Best pizza in Athens is Avalanche but you have to wait for delivery or walk forever. Go with Burrito Buggy!

Anonymous said...

Goodfella's is terrible. It was terrible before they sold it. Avalanche is indeed the best pizza in Athens, but, if you want the square Sicilian-style done right in this area, go to The Pizza Place in Parkersburg (any one of the 3).

Smart Person said...

You were there for blackout fest? Way to be a hipster "oh everyone look at me and ask me about my feelings" little punk. You called the people working OU Meatheads yet Goodfella's obviously employs the majority chilled out hippy type. I bet you paid with your daddy's credit card (which is why you can blog instead of working) and you were pissed there was a $5 minimum so you decided to rip the Fellas. Go cry yourself to sleep hating the world because you're ugly and fat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are you out of your god-damned minds? GoodFella's is delicious, drunk or sober.

Cassie said...

karma will find its way to you. how dare you insult God's gift to Earth. Maybe you're just so dense you didn't realize you were at a different pizza place? because this cannot be accurate. I was particularly disturbed by your sauce insult. I pay the extra $.25 for a side, and I'd pay a dollar for it if a had to. For your own well being I advise you to enlighten yourself and experience the REAL Goodfellas of Athens, Oh, a.k.a. heaven.

Kyle Redefer said...

You guys are crazy or picky with food. Me and my girlfriend both adore their pizza, it is a great quick lunch and their prices are excellent.

You guys suck.