Sunday, June 7, 2009

Clintonville Primo Pizza (Indianola Ave and Weber)

Hype: This kittycat told us that we were hungry for some pie. We had a lot of work to do so we thought we'd just get some pick up. Its close to the house and who doesn't like to pizza while they work?

Scene: Its a pizza pick up desk. They do delivery too. It has a family business vibe to it without the portraits of old Italian ladies. These seem to be midwestern folk.

The Pie
Crust- Thin and flaky. It does droop a little in the center, but not too bad.
Sauce- A little sweet and tasty. Good stuff here.
Cheese- They keep it real here. Not Rotolos amounts but a good dose of the real deal.
Peps- Spiced just right, thick-cut and well applied.

Overall: We order two larges and each pizza was not alike. The first was better than the second. This is not the diminishing returns concept from that economics class I failed. The second was underdone. Maybe that's why daddy had a belly-ache and Dave was feeling a little ill. This costs them a pie I think. 3---5. Or on second thought, maybe we should not have ate that much pizza and we are just plain stupid. I've had Primo before and liked it a lot. Maybe they should get that one back?

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