Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dewey's Pizza (W. 5th Ave, Grandview 614-487-8282)

Hype: People have been telling us all about this place.  We've heard it was awesome, bad, expensive--all kinds of stuff.  We just had to slay this pie!!!!!!!!

Scene: It looked kinda like a fancy yuppified
 microbrew-serving bar/restaurant, but it wasn't too bad because you could see the guy hand tossing the crusts.  Lots of young girls working there, which could be a blessing or a curse.  The menu was filled with really fancy "gourmet" pizza combinations that I can't even remember but we aren't gay so we just got a 17" pepperoni.

Crust- New York Style Pizza!  Foldable, hand tossed, chewy, but slightly underdone.  A little crispness on the outside with a chewy crust would have made this crust perfect, rather than near-perfect.
Sauce- This was the highlight of the pie.  Sweet, strong oregano, small bits of tomato and all good.
Cheese- Nicely added, good flavor and highlighted the sauce well.
Peps- Low point of the pie.  Not bad at all though.  Thin and not very flavorful.  Maybe they spend too much time worrying about the prosciutto and artichokes.    

Overall: Great addition to the Columbus pizza scene.  This is a welcome alternative to Ohio-style shops that are all over the northwest end of town.  You should stop by!  As for price, not too bad.  The only reason it was too expensive when your parents took you there is the expensive pizza you ordered.  Our pep was normally priced.  STRONG 4 out of 5 pies!!!!!

***Party boyz: They serve beer.

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David said...

I like to add that Dewey's has the advantage being family friendly and the staff is very accommodating when we bring the kids.

Regarding, you guys not being gay. There's lots of review with guys on the town on dates with no female companionship. You should try those pies with alternate ingredients, that's what makes Dewey unique. You can get good pep pie lots of places.