Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rotolo's Pizza, [1749 W. 5th Ave, Columbus OH]

Hype: All kinds of people talk this pizza up like its the fucking president or something. Anyway, we had to pick Jesse up from work because he got hit by an immigrant and his car was totaled so we were out on that end of town already. Dave asked if the pizza was ordered once every 2-3 minutes. WE WERE HUNGRY.

Scene: Mostly just a carry-out place. This is for on-the-go south Arlington, Grandview people that probably work a lot. Not much to say, soda cooler on one wall and a few chairs. Photos of the tradition on the wall: that's respectable.
The Pie
Crust- This crust is well-done, but not overcooked. Party-sized strips stay firm when held at the edges. Good crispness, but not saltined like Tommy's on Lane Ave. Very nice
Sauce- Here is the problem; it was not evenly distributed on the pie. It is traditional Columbus sauce: sweet with good doses of oregano, only on one side. Bummer.
Cheese- Very flavorful and tons of it. This was the highlight of the pizza. I don't remember this from previous outings to Rotolos. CHEESE LOVERS PIE!
Peps- Quarter-sized, thick-cut, a little cupping. Even the ones that were covered in tons of cheese had a good flavor. Plenty of 'em too.

Overall: This pie was a pleasant surprise and WE WERE SUPER HUNGRY. Dare I say this was a 5 out of 5 pie shop? Well it was yesterday. YES!

***Their theme song rules too!! Hear it here!


Party Gabe said...

You've seen the light.

derd said...

Rotolo's is the best. my fav is the meatball pizza with extra sauce and ask for it "crispy".

Anonymous said...

I work for Rotolo's in Grandview/Upper Arlington. :) When one of my drivers said he came across your website I had to check it out. I'm delighted that you gave us a 5 out of 5. We'd like to think we can hold our own against the dandilion like phenomenon that is pizza in our area. Your description was very colorful and would interest me in the pie if I hadn't already been familiar with it. I have just one comment to make...there is no oregano in the sauce. I invite you to give us another go when you're in our neighborhood. Many people love our sauce. Thanks for the review and we hope to see you again soon!