Sunday, June 28, 2009

Adriaticos @ a PARTY!! What else is there!?!?!?

Hype: We were having this KILLER party. Comfest traffic had us totally locked up but we needed some pie. Who you gunna call?

Scene: Women and children were among friends and other good people. It was nice. Backyard BBQ without the grill. All was well in the world.
The Pie:
Its Adrocks! What else can you say. Salty, doughy, well-seasoned, thickness topped with spicy sauce and enough cheese to stop up a Canada Goose. Dig it?

The delivery guy was fast and agile. He cut though the traffic with ease. Party on Adriaticos.

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Jez said...

WTF? Your top 2 pizza places don't even have proper reviews. Put links on those bitches, PLEASE!