Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ange's Pizza (Karl road and 161, Columbus, OH 614-888-5767)

Hype: Dave drove past this place and said it smelled good the other day.  Sean Wright said he heard it was "good honest pizza."  That's about enough.  Oh, yeah, I think Wumme Wenders lives nearby.

Scene: Classic Columbus pizza restaurant feeling inside.  The Simpson's Arcade game in the back.  Lattice wall separating the carryout side from the dining room.  A family watching the Snoop-dog bio on E!  They left so we could watch basketball.  

The Pie
Crust- Saltine-style.  It got a little too soft f
rom the pep-oil, but very tolerable.  It was nicely browned on the edges.
Sauce- Typical of Columbus pies.  Sweet.  Hints of italian seasoning and a few, scarce bits of tomato skin.  Appropriate amount added.
Cheese- hearty amount.  A little tang and nicely browned in some areas.
Peps- lots of them.  Good cupping.  I don't always like cupping but with this pizza it worked.  Kinda thick cut and 

Overall: "Good, honest pizza" seems to be an excellent description of this pie.  A strong 4--5 on a bright spring day!  Check it out!!!!!

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DJ Rick said...

In all my pizza-slinging days (1989-1995), I never met a likable pepperoni that cupped after baking. Always so dry!