Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pharaoh's Pizza (Indianola Ave and Arcadia, Columbus, OH)

Hype: Some of us have been there before. None of us remembered. Duffy put us up to giving it a real taste test so here we go...

Scene: Decorated with authentic relics of ancient Egypt, this shop is not as fucked up as its previous occupier. The space is roomy and clean. I don't remember any tables being in there. All I really remember are pizza ovens and artifacts from the land of the Pharaohs.

The Pie
Crust- What the fuck? Slice-it-yourself pizza? I had no idea that this was the custom in Egypt. Check out the above photo of Jim using his own slicer to carve up the flimsy crust. Bullshit! I guess this beats the cook-it-yourself 'pizza' at the bottom of the hill. Really weak stuff here. I did detect a very faint tone of garlic salt. The same kind I use at home. It was really tough to taste though.
Sauce- Weak. Not much of it. I didn't really taste it.
Cheese- I think we are dealing with Domino's "cheese food" on top of this pie. Ass.
Peps- Weak, flimsy, flavorless.

Overall: The pie was not necessarily bad. It just was in no way good. Not at all unbearable and might do well at a party. Really cheap. I guess there is a reason no one ever remembers eating this pizza. 2---5.


robert duffy said...

thanks for taking requests. sounds like this place needs to f itself in the a.

justin said...

this place got run out of grandview last year. the building they were in was shared by a mechanic. i'm sorry they landed in your 'hood.

BD said...

I'd try stuff other than their pizzas. I'm especially fond of the pepperoni roll and the large antipasto salad.

rickhuffman2002 said...

Pharoah's ripped us off big time. We ordered multiple pizzas and only received one. Then when we called we were refused both a refund and our pizza we didn't get.