Friday, April 10, 2009

Profiles of Excellence: French Rockers- Happy Burger

We sat down and had a few slices with France's Happy Burger.  They like burgers, I guess, and pizza.  Weird.  CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

PS: So, France, huh? How is the pizza over there compared to the USA?
well we have italian pizza, which is good but not as good as in italy, but france is a better country so we still have the best deal. otherwise, we have dominos, pizza hut, and it taste the same as american's, and we love it.
PS: Burgers and pizza are both great party-foods. Do you have any other favorites?

PS: What is your favorite pizza place in France? Do they have patio seating like in the movies?
they mostly don't have patio and that's too bad. we don't have favorite pizza place, pizza is always good, except for turkish pizza, it taste gay.

PS: Yeah, there's a horrible place run by Middle Eastern people here in town called Al Pachino's. Horrible!  So, when you are just hanging out alone and you need some cheap and easy food, what is your 'go to' frozen pie? 
three cheese kicks ass, bolognaise or magarita, man it's like asking "who would you save from death? you mom or your grandma?" you just can't make a choice.

PS: Any plans for a USA PIZZA PARTY TOUR soon? 
not soon but maybe someday, then we will play a show, next day a pizza contest, then a show, then a pizza contest, and so on.

thank you very much.

Check out Happy Burger on myspace and order their record from Douchemaster.

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Party Gabe said...

Where did you find these guys? They're so grateful for crappy chain pizza!