Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Cleveland Cavaliers are a forced to be reckoned with this spring.  So is Gattos Pizza!  We got together, as we always do, to cheer on Bron Bron, Big Z, and the crew and this time we added an extra TWIZT: a few boxes of one of Columbus, OH's finest pies. GATTOS.
Look at Jason enjoy the Vegetarian options available at GATTOS (corner of Kelso Rd and N. High Street, across from the grocery store).  The non-buddhists got Pep pies, and one of their specialties, the meatball pizza!!!  Holy fucking shit that was awesome.
The Cavs one.  Next time you are in Clintonville  and are looking to party stop by Gattos pizza for a slice of life.  This pizza is above our review.  Have a happy day.

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Anonymous said...

looks like there's some good research going on here....gattos ripsl: cheap n tasty and ages like a fine wine, they've got my vote for the best cold pizza in town!