Saturday, January 10, 2009

Villa Nova Ristorante (5545 N High St, Columbus, OH)

Hype: None.  We just haven't done a new pizza in a while and I drove by this place a while a go.  Some people have told us about it and said good things.

Scene: I guess this place is a staple for the South Worthington-- North Columbus family crowd and I can see why.  Family owned and operated, good food, great service, beer by the pitcher and decorated like my crazy aunt's with at least 200 copper kettles.  I liked the original Pac-Man machine in the doorway but hated the elevator music.   Reminded us of the old 'Taste of Italy' in Newark: nice place.

Crust--Thin, but not crackery.  A small amount of that cornmeal crumb stuff on the bottom that is common to pizzas in Grandview and Arlington (in fact, many aspects of this pie make it similar NW Columbus; a good thing).
Sauce--A little sweet.  Not at all a standout.  Quiet.
Cheese--Tasty.  Not that much of it but this does not detract from the pizza's taste.  It's good.
Peps!--Very good.  The curled slightly and were ample.  I liked them a lot.  

Overall: I found myself totally dominating this pizza.  I don't know if it was my hunger or what but it hit the spot.  Dave was less hungry as you can see from the photo his side needed my help.  We both agree that the Villa Nova is worth a trip.  Solid 4/5 pies.


rynomite said...

shit make yo dick hahd.

verticalphil said...

I feel like this was a real family values pie.what do you think?

craterface said...

When I was in middle school, my best friend's dad owned Taste of Italy. That was pretty cool. Somehow, we always ended up forcing one another to eat dog treats when we could be having delicious Italian foods. Ack.