Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anna Maria Pizza (Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY)

Hype: We had been partying for several hours. Some of us were in desperate need of sustenance. For some reason I wanted a Big Mac, but my good friends helped me realize that since we are in the Big Easy we need to keep eating as much Pizza as possible--THANKS GUYS!

Scene: At this hour it was mostly younger, like minded individuals looking for a late night snack. I don't really remember much about the decor, but I do remember an ample selection of pies under a glass counter and some cunt behind the counter asking every customer to order three slices.
Crust- Crispy all the way through. Good outer edges. Sounds nice too. Salty and great. I didn't have to fold my slice.
Sauce- Not amazing or anything, but tasty. Having just consumed Grimaldi's earlier in the day and having just partied for the last 5-6 hours my judgment on this issues could be somewhat clouded.
Cheese- Decent. More traditional than other Brooklyn--upscale pies.
Peps- Salty and good. Larger in diameter and thinner than Grimaldi's, but ok. This is late night pizza after all.

Overall: This pizza really saved us from what could have been a troublesome morning. It was fast, but, somewhat underwarmed in the oven. We loved it, but, given the moment, who know. PARTY SLICE!!!!! 3--5 .


Alex said...

I freagin' love this place! Ultimate veggie pie and the guy behind the counter who no matter what will ask you, "Is this for here or to stay?"

Anonymous said...

watch the little money games these people play back and forth to distract you...Make sure you get the right pizza and the right change back.they tried to jip me the other day. Playing around with me and trying to confuse me.especially you females.I am a female and I htink the guy thought he was being cute with me...but really he was jipping me..he knew exactly what he was doing and I called him out on it..Just watch the games they play with sikeing you out with the change and everything.

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