Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carmine's (Graham St. Brooklyn, NY)

Hype: Classic neigborhood Brooklyn by-the-slice shop. This has been recommended to many pizza tourists like us. Came highly recommended by our friend, Personal, last week. It is also close to Doug's and it was like -5 out.

Scene: Charming. Run by Italians. Pretty classy on the inside. Lots of Yankees stuff. It even came equipped with a really large, multigenerational Italian family. Plenty-o-pie stares you in the face from the counter. Choose your slice.

The Pie
Crust--I liked it. Crispy/crunchy outer shell with airy/chewy insides. Foldable. Held up well.
Sauce--sweeter, but nothing to write home about, lacked kick.
Cheese--Really tasty. Some pies came with Ricotta cheese: these bordered on Ricotta overkill.
Peps--We were let down. No peps slices available. I had some kinda sausage and tomato. Good pizza, but what the fuck--no pep slices?

Overall: I bet we just came at the wrong time. We did order a 'stuffed slice' that was mindblowing, but it is unfair to compare a stuffed slice to a ronislice, right.
2--5. This is a Brooklyn slice shop with no peps?????? Tools.

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Anonymous said...

Are you fuckin stupid they have pepperoni ask dick