Monday, January 12, 2009

Personal and the Pizzas Talk Pizza About Their Hometown: Hoboken, NJ!!!!!

PS: So, What's deal with New Jersey Pizza???? Is it like the famous "New York Stlye" or a little different?
P&P: Yeah, it's about the same difference. Ours is a little more good though, cause they got so much a them pizza joints in the city, it's like when you gotta good slice out here, it's a little bit more hard to come by or somethin. Ya know????

PS: What's with foldable slices? Does that make it better or is it just a trademark of that region?
P&P: Where yous from? C'mon!!!

PS: What's your favorite pizza place in Hoboken? The World?
P&P: We like that Filipos place down on 1st street. They got pretty good red sauce. We also got that Benny Tudinos place, but that's like one a them tourist spots cause they got them huge slices. THE BIGGEST IN THE WORLD!!!! They pretty good though. Make sure you don't get that eggplant parmesan sandwich's the friggin worst!!! Wicked worst!!!!When we party in the city though, we usually go to CARMINES up on Graham Ave. That's right kitty corner from my uncle Larry's place, which we always crash at, and that's some good friggin pie. They gotta pretty mean square slice..if yous know what I meanOne time We was in Sweden and they got real good Pizza up there with greek olives and shit and it's all personal style and stuff but they're like real big. You get a whole friggin pie to yerself...and it's spicy and shit and real good..that was a good one. They like that pie up there in SWeden. You can get TUNA on that shit!!!! That's just about too crazy for us though. Tuna on a fuckin pizza!!!!!! C,mon!!! That's how they do it up there though. JEEESSUSS!!! I guess they like that fish up there..

PS: Do you have pizza at all your shows? How does it enhance the experience?
P&P: Everybody loves the pie!! We probably order it like half and half..we're usually pretty broke so it's kinda hard to shell out like 70 or 80 bucks just for the love of it, but we'll do it. We don't care. Everyone loves Pizza and Pop. One time we was all dressed up in haWaiian shirts and coconut tits and all, and then we ordered some a them hawaaiian pizzas and then that delivery chic delivered the pies to us while we was playin with them shirts on and and she didn't know what the hell was goin on

PS: Next to pizza what is your favorite party-food?
P&P: Beer

PS: Tell us about the worst pizza-accident you've ever had!!!!
P&P: One time when I was a young teenage guy I worked at Mr. Pizza Man in Ypsilanti, MI. We were open from 4pm till 4am and it was an old family place and Jack the delivery guy got me wasted more than a few times, I remember. Actually, I remember Jack saved up all his spare coin tips for the whole year once and he had over like $350 dollars just in coin!!! Anyway we used to mix the red sauce with our bare old wine guys and their feet, we did that with our arms in the sauce in the big old pot. That's why we were the best pie in town.

PS: Thanks Man!
P&P:NO! THank Yous!!!GRACIAS!!!
Personal and the Pizzas Rock!!!!!!!!!!

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Party Gabe said...

How hard had these dudes partied before this interview man? Or are they always that "partied" up?