Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grimaldi's Pizza (Under the Bridge, Brooklyn, NY)

Hype: This pizza had better be good. Arguably the most hyped shop in the world, or at least America this place had a line 15 parties deep in 10 degree weather. Many claim it to be one of the world's finest pies.

Scene: As noted, a line was cued on the sidewalk. No worries, it moved fast: we were seated, all eight of us, in 20 minutes. Once inside we found Frank Sinatra portraits decorating a hot, aromatic, and crowded room made solely to feed as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. The only major problem was the music--Ratatat and shitty Eurodance: what the fuck?

The Pie

Crust- Good crispness on the outer edges. I like the sound this makes. We have discovered that this is the one thing NYC pie does consistently well. The inner-most six inches of the crust was a little flappy. This did cause some distress for Dave. I just thought, "when in Rome..." and folded mine like the many locals. I'M FINALLY FITTING IN HERE IN THE BIG EASY!
Sauce- This is the best sweet sauce we have ever tasted. It is really hard to keep bitterness out of sauce made with fresh tomatoes. Somehow, these dudes pulled it off perfectly. Maybe the finest sauce in the world. No shit.
Cheese- Maybe its just our Newark roots, but I can't get that in to this fresh mozzarella cheese thing. I like traditional, evenly spread cheese a little better. I respect it, you might love it. Our tourguides loved it. It was smooth and nice though.
Peps- Home run! They even cut them just a bit thick to let you know.
Overall: This is one nice pie. Our panel ranged from a three that slid up to a four, and a five the whole time. No one didn't like this pizza. We settled on a very strong 4--5 pie rating. Very good stuff here.

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