Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pizza Roma (Pittsburgh, PA)

Hype: The best kind--it was served up hot, fresh, and free at house party. We were cold and needed a warm-me-ups.

Scene: Cool party in an old house in some neighborhood in Pittsburgh. 5 bands, lots of people and lots of partying. Keeping warm! They had many cats!!

The Pie
Crust--Droopy, wimpy, not that good. the outer edges were pretty nice though.
Sauce--Tough to remember.
Cheese--pretty good, the crust was so weak that it slid right off.
Pep-- not supplied. n/a

Overall: I would not go to this place or order it with my lady for a night watching Gilmore Girls or anything. This is free party pie and for that it hit the spot. It is very good for giving your stomach something to cling to. 3-5 for the context.

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