Friday, September 10, 2010

Jimmy's Pizza (1484 Oakland Park Avenue, 263-2678‎)

Hype: Dave's been hearing all kinds of stuff about this place for a while so we decided to try it out. We also wanted to open Season II with a real winner. Expectations were very high and we were not let down.
Scene: We walked up to the place in a strip mall to see some dude working on a motorcycle in front of the laundry-mat next door. Only one Lady was running the show. Right when we walked in she layed down a proposition:
Lady: "Are you the guys that ordered the two large pepperonis?"
Us: "Ugh, yeah."
Lady: "Hey I've got this dumb-ass delivery guy that won't be back for like an hour and I need these pizzas delivered down to my girl on Duncan fast. If you guy's will take 'em down there I'll give you yours for free. Deal?"
Us: "OK"
...five minutes later... Delivery guy walks in. He's way to old to be delivering pizzas, and I don't mean 25. More like 70. Velcro shoes. Shitty van. Old. Our pizza delivery days were already over.
...Instead the lady offers us half price for the pizzas, $10, AND gives us two stray pizzas to squelch our appetites until ours are done. Yes, that's four (4) pizzas for the price of one. This place rules: certainly the strangest 45 minutes I've ever spent picking up a pizza. Too much to tell here, ask Fern.

The Pie:
Crust- perfect. Thin, but not saltine. Typical of North--NW Columbus pies. Uniformly browned to a crispy-flaky bottom and a more moist top, next to the awesome sauce.
Sauce- made by famous Carfagna's gourmet shop. Spicy, sweet, perfectly applied, and not overly done. It does not distract from the rest of the pie. I like it.
Cheese- Fairly typical pizza cheese. This was not overwhelming like the bottom two ingredients. Not to say it's bad or anything though. Moderate application.
Peps- Medium thick cut, salty, not too greasy, cupped. The edges were browned and bottoms still a little chewy.
Overall: As strange as the pickup was the pie was nearly perfect. All of the ingredients worked well together to make a fancy pie, without any pretense. Grade A slices for the masses. 5/5 pies!!!!
***Party Boyz: They have a nice selection of domestic brews at state minimum prices. 24oz. Big Cans for 1/99. Deal

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Arthur Pockets said...

Damn 5 out of 5?!?