Monday, October 4, 2010

Josie's Pizza (952 w broad st, Columbus, (614) 224-9637)

Hype: We've been talkin bout visiting this joint for like two years I guess. It just seems so far away and we didn't know if would be good. People said it was, but people say all kinds of things you know.

Scene: It's across the streetish from the Florintine Restaurant. They only have one pizza on the menu. The neighborhood is decently run down. Inside you will find some booths and a lunch counter in the back. Some ladies working looked related.

The Pie:
Crust- Perfect. Thin, buttery, crispy from edge to center. Held up lots of cheese and absorbed abundant sauce effortlessly.
Sauce- Sweet. The ladies were not shy in applying it, but I've had much better.
Cheese- As you can see from the photo they hooked it up. It was nicely brown and flavorful. One problem: they put it over the peps.
Hidden Peps!- They were under the cheese, so naturally, they were not toasty, which made the saltiness less acute than on a NW Columbus pie. They did mix well with the sweet sauce though.

Overall: Nice pie. It was a welcome departure from the north end while still having a thin crust. It's worth a visit. 4 of 5 pies.


Anonymous said...

There are 2 Josie's locations. Another one further west down W. Broad up on the Hilltop. near Sylvan Ave. Quality is about the same.

Anonymous said...

Hilltop josies is not the same people or Also you can ask for pep to be on top of the cheese. In fact they'll usually cook it almos however you like. I heard of some people getting double crust with cheese in between.... Too much cheese for me though. They also have "original pepperoni" which are smaller and a little spicier.

Anonymous said...

This is for the Hilltop location; good food but.... noticed no gloves being worn while preparing cooked food, employees smoking in the kitchen, also seemed to be a little on the dirty side for a restaurant. I didn't see any smiles on anyone's face as if they didn't want me being there.