Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza Cottage, Newark, OH (969 Mt. Vernon Rd)

Hype: I'll be real honest. We totally went to Plaza Pizza first but it they are closed on Sundays--family folk and all. This Newark location of the Cottage is really close so we just went down the road a few blocks and they were open. We were bummed about not getting Plaza Pizza since we hardly ever make it back to Newark.

Scene: It is a large place with a huge outdoor eating space. It was a little rainy so we ate inside. OSU stuff mixed NASCAR on the walls. They also have tons of TV's just in case ya need 'em. Lot's of extended families at the large tables. Very family-friendly atmosphere--with beer.

The Pie:
Crust- This is a very classic Central Ohio thin crust. Party strips hold up well but since the it was so well done it might even hold up in a slice format. Nice work.
Sauce- Again, the classic sweet sauce with lots of dried Italian Seasoning. I like this style.
Cheese- A little bland, but well-applied and in no way bad.
Peps- Salty-spicy and generously applied. Cupped with some not cupped. Good.

Overall: This was not a mind blowing pizza experience but that should not minimize what Pizza Cottage does. They have a nice place with room for lots of families to get together around a good solid pie. Everything about it was solid, and traditional Central Ohio Pizza. A good option if Plaza is closed. 4--5 Pies!


DGB said...

Gotta see that Plaza review, or Moore when in the Nerk.

Anonymous said...

I know you always do pepperoni but the real star of the show at the Pizza Cottage is the BLT pizza. Whatthey do is take a resular bacon pizza and then cover it with lettuce and tomato and may and then top it with another blind baked crust and you eat it like a sandwich. One of the best "pizzas" I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

To DGB, Moore's pizza is closed permanently (I heard bankruptcy). I miss it very much. That being said, Moore's wife got the pizza recipe in a divorce and has her own pizza place (called Debra's...see comment below).

PizzaSlayer, next time you're in Newark try Debra's Pizza. The crust and toppings are very much like Plaza, but the sauce has a rather different/unique flavor. Debra's is not far off of Rte. 13 and 16. It's a little closer to downtown Newark than Plaza. http://debraspizza.net/index.html

Additionally, you should try Creno's pizza in Kroger's plaza on Deo/Waterworks Rd. (not far from Plaza and Cottage Pizza). They don't have much seating, so that is one drawback. The pizza is similar to Cottage, but I think it has a somewhat better flavor and is less over-baked/dried out.

I live up Rte. 13 in Utica, so I regularly try Newark pizza locations.