Sunday, August 21, 2011

Element Pizza (3rd & Chestnut St., Downtown)

Hype: A couple people mentioned this place as having some good crust. We sure got burnt last time at Cottage Inn and we needed some redemption pie, so hopefully this place pulls through.

Scene: Element just opened I guess so the minimalist decor made sense. It's in an old bar so hopefully the put the space to good use some day with beers and the like. Not a lot to say here. We were pleased to see a lack of pretense and high prices- as is the case with other downtown area pizza shops.

Crust- Lived up to the hype. Very, Very good crust. Very crusty on the outside with a doughy, airy interior. See above. Perfectly done, perhaps best in town.
Sauce- Sweet and good, but a little lacking in volume next to the crust and peps.
Cheese- Again, it was good, but a little out of balance. We understand that this is an artisan, fancy pie, but balance is the key to life. Rotolo's uses too much, these guys use too little.
Peps- Nice peps. Salty, spicy, and I guess locally made. We really liked em. They do overpower some of the other ingredients though.

Overall: Powerful peps, strong crust, and nice sauce. Very good pizza. They just opened so you sure won't find $6 drafts of microbrews and dudes in American Apparel tank tops...yet. Hopefully they keep the good thing going-- they have the potential to be awesome. Solid 4--5. This place would beat Yellow Brick in a stare down.

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Anonymous said...

Also just hit Harvest on S 4th. Very similar to Element crust somewhat lighter. Very good ingredients with good flavor. Nice balance between cheese and the crust. I haven't steered you wrong on Borgatta, Tristanos or Element. Next hit Tammy's in Grove City. What Donatos was in the beginning before they went corporate.